How to Manage the Bookmarks/Favorites Bar in Chrome

Do you use Google chrome and love the Bookmarks bar at the top? Has it started to tease you now that your bookmarks are too much to handle? This is a very prevalent issue with users of Google chrome. Fortunately for you, this article lists down all the necessary steps that need to be/can be taken if you are having any issues with your favorites/bookmarks bar. Read on to know:

Adding bookmarks/favorites on to the bar when you have space:

If you are interested in adding bookmarks or favorites on to the bar and there is space available towards the right hand side of the bar, then you have to do the following steps:

Visit the website that you are interested in adding, say

Press “Ctrl +D” and the bookmark will be added.

Adding bookmarks/favorites when you are out of space:

The bar can only hold a number of bookmarks before it will run out of space. If you want to add yet another bookmark up there, then you can either just add it without making space and it will be displayed after the double arrow sign (>>) on the bar, or if you want it to be displayed in the front and not behind the double arrow sign, then you can well, make space for it. Google provides a way to edit the size of bookmarks on the bookmarks bar. Follow these steps:

Right click on the bookmark that you want edited after hovering over to it on your Chrome window.

From the dropdown, select “Edit”

Now there will be a field “Name” showed at the top. You can either shorten it to create space or you can just delete it entirely to have the maximum space. Even if you make the field empty, there will be a favicon of the website left on the Bookmarks bar that you can identify it by.

Hit save once you are done.

Now that you have created space, when you add the next bookmark, it should show on the bar.

Reordering the bookmarks:

Is one bookmark still showing on a place that you don’t want it to show on? Well then you can just follow another simple set of steps:

Hover over your bookmarks bar till you find the bookmark that you want to relocate.

Click on it and drag it to its intended place on the bar. Yes, that should do it.

A bookmark from behind the double arrow (>>) sign and on to the bar:

If you have added a bookmark behind the double arrow sign and want it to come center stage, then here is how you can achieve that:

Google calls the extra bar bookmarks area the “Overflow area”. Click on the double arrow sign to invoke it.

Drag the desired bookmark from out there and on to the main bookmark bar and you should be done. Remember that if there isn’t any space left, Google will shift the right most bookmark to the overflow area.

Deleting a bookmark:

If to create space you just want to get rid of a bookmark entirely, you can also just delete it. Here’s how:

Right click on the bookmark that you want to delete.

From the menu, hit “Delete”.


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