[FIX] Mail app Search results Disappear on Click

The search results in the Mail app may disappear on click if the Windows of your system or the mail app are not updated to the latest build. The issue arises when a user enters a search query in the Mail app and the mail app pulls out the search results but as soon the user clicks on a search result, the search results vanish one by one (sometimes the Mail app closes itself).

Windows 10 Mail App Search Results Disappear on Click

Before moving on with the solutions to fix Windows 10 Mail app, check if rebooting your system and router solves the issue. Some users reported that using the escape, ctrl, or up/down arrow keys after the search results are shown, stops mails from disappearing.

Solution 1: Update Windows of Your System and the Windows 10 Mail App to the Latest Build

Microsoft updates Windows and Microsoft Store Apps regularly to satiate the ever-evolving technological advancements and patch the reported bugs (like the one causing the issue). In this context, updating the Windows of your system and Mail app to the latest build may solve the problem.

  1. Manually update Windows to the latest build.
    Check for Windows Updates
  2. Then check if the Mail app issue is resolved.
  3. If not, then press the Windows key and search for Mail.
  4. Now right-click on the result of Mail and then choose Share (this will launch the Mail app page of Microsoft Store).
    Right-click on Mail and select Share
  5. Then check if an update of the Mail app is available, if so, then update the Mail app and check if the search issue of the Mail app is resolved.
    Update the Windows 10 Mail App

Solution 2: Change Mail Box Sync Settings

The search issue could be a result of a communication glitch between the mail server and your system as many users reported the issue with the mails available on the online server. In this case, changing your mailbox sync settings to anytime will download all the emails to your system and then can easily be searched in the Mail app.

  1. Press the Windows key and type Mail. Then select Mail.
    Open Windows 10 Mail App
  2. Now select the problematic account (in the left pane) and then click on the Gear icon (near the bottom of the screen) to open Settings.
    Open Settings of Windows 10 Mail App
  3. Then, in the Settings menu, click on Manage Accounts and select your account.
    Open Manage Accounts in the Settings of the Mail App
  4. Now open Change Mail Box Sync Settings and change the dropdown of Download Email from to Any Time.
    Open Change Mail Box Sync Settings
  5. Then click on Done and reboot your PC.
    Change Download Email From to Any Time
  6. Upon reboot, check if the search functionality of the Mail app is working fine.

If the issue is still there, then you can use a web browser to search the email provider’s website for the emails. You can also try another mail client application (like Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.). Some users reported that performing a clean installation by using the ISO of the latest version of Windows 10 (for example 20H2 at the time of writing this article) resolved the issue.


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