Leaks Allegedly Reveal Gameplay from Upcoming Kojima Title, Overdose

According to reports, Hideo Kojima‘s upcoming game was leaked before the developer, Kojima Productions, had announced it. Overdose, the name of the game that appears at the end of a new, extremely bizarre video, is said to be the enigmatic game Kojima has been teasing for months, which may or may not be the same project Kojima has been promoting all along.


The video appears to have been intended for internal use, as it also includes a stream of someone playing the scene. All of this was subsequently captured on video by someone else, using a highly reflective screen that reveals the man filming to be half-naked in bed.

Even while the video isn’t of the highest quality, it appears to show Margaret Qualley, who plays a character in Death Stranding, moving stealthily along a dark hallway while holding a flashlight.  Apparently, this is the same clip that was reported by Try Hard Guides earlier this year; it ends with a jumpscare and the words “A Hideo Kojima Game” followed by the name, “OVERDOSE

As for the game itself, Overdose reportedly differs from the rumoured Death Stranding 2 project. Elle Fanning and Shiori Kutuna have been confirmed to be in a new game by Hideo Kojima, but it is more likely to be the sequel to Death Stranding than Overdose. Kojima has stated that his next project will be “almost like a new medium,” beyond video games.



Farhan Ali

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