What does “kek” Mean in World of Warcraft?

People who make games often put various little “Easter eggs” in their games and it’s not long before someone finds out exactly how to do it and people usually post what they found out online. It’s interesting just to watch videos where people put lots of “Easter eggs” and a lot of them are very funny, to say the least. Sometimes these “Easter eggs” help you progress through the game by giving you an awesome weapon or a power-up and sometimes it’s there just for the laughs. One of these tricks can be found in World of Warcraft so let’s find out what it is.

A message saying that there are no Easter eggs in this location (Game: GTA: San Andreas)

“kek” – What Is It?

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) and it’s definitely the most popular game of its genre from the beginning of time. The game is only free in the beginning and you have to pay for it later it hasn’t stopped millions of players from playing it on a regular basis. To be honest, people who are into MMORPGs might never grow bored from playing this game since the game never actually ends and you always have the option to find more quests and play with other people.

A lot of people have been wondering what does “kek” means because they noticed how a lot of players are saying it in the /say section of the chat. Some people even thought in referred to the cake since that is Internet slang for the work. However, it turns out none of these guesses were true because this is an Interesting feature by the game and it will only show up if certain circumstances are met. You can even try it out yourself once you find yourself in-game and it’s pretty fun to try.

“kek” = “lol”

It turns out that factions in World of Warcraft have their separate languages. For example, the Alliance speaks the Common language and the Horde speaks Orcish. If you are playing as the Horde and if you type “lol” in World of Warcraft’s /say section, players who are playing for the Alliance will see “kek” instead of “lol”. This goes to mimic the way they speak and laugh and it’s pretty funny if you try to imagine this. Next time you log into your World of Warcraft account and you enter the game, try typing “lol” to someone you know who plays as Horde and check what did they see.

An Orc Laughing

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