Iran’s Claim of Next-Generation Quantum CPU Met with Doubt

Iran’s recent announcement about the development of a next-generation quantum CPU for military use has raised eyebrows and skepticism.

Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, the Coordinating Deputy of the IR Army and former Commander of the Navy, made the announcement at the Navy’s Imam Khomeini Maritime University in Noshahr, highlighting Iran’s technological advancements, despite US sanctions, and their potential impact on future weaponry.

During the announcement, a product was presented as a system capable of countering navigation deception using quantum algorithms. However, closer examination revealed doubts about its authenticity.

The showcased product turned out to be a commercially available development board called ZedBoard, manufactured by a US company called Diligent. It is readily available for purchase online at an affordable price.

The board showcased by the Iranian Navy is readily available for online purchase | Digilent

The ZedBoard does not incorporate an advanced quantum processor as expected, but instead features a low-power ARM-based system-on-a-chip (SoC) with limited internal storage and RAM. These specifications fall far short of what is required for a genuine quantum computer, which relies on qubits rather than traditional bits.

The revelation has sparked ridicule and skepticism on Persian social media, with users questioning Iran’s claims and credibility. This incident adds to a series of similar episodes, including a professor’s false claim about a Python-based software that predicts the future.

The misrepresentation of a commercially available development board as a quantum CPU raises doubts about Iran’s actual progress in quantum computing and its military capabilities. This discrepancy undermines the credibility of Iran’s military announcements and raises concerns about the transparency and accuracy of its scientific endeavors.


Farhan Ali

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