Fix: iPhone Stuck at Red Battery Charging Screen

The iPhone Stuck at Red Battery Charging Screen is an issue that some iOS users have to deal with when trying to charge their phones. After their iPhone has turned off due to the battery being drained, they are unable to turn it on again. Their phone gets stuck at the red battery charging screen, and it does not charge at all no matter how much time they leave it plugged in. This issue is being encountered on all versions of the iPhone.

iPhone Stuck at Red Battery Charging Screen
iPhone Stuck at Red Battery Charging Screen Fix

The main cause of this issue is a battery problem that either affects the charging port or the battery itself. It’s mostly occurred if the battery is old and has been used for a lot of time. Another cause for this could be your charging cable. Even if it appears that is charging the phone, it might contain noncongruent portions that prevent charging. 

You should also check the charging port of your phone – if it’s full of dust or lint, it won’t charge the charging pints and can’t make the necessary content. You should be able to see it if the charging cable doesn’t enter the phone properly.

Here is a list of methods that will help fix the iPhone Stuck at the Red Battery Charging Screen:

1. Heat the iPhone’s battery

The current might not be able to get to the battery due to a mechanical issue that a lot of older iPhone models suffer from – this problem is confirmed from iPhone 5 up to iPhone 9.

Note: This problem is bound to occur sooner or later due to a design flaw and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.

Fortunately, there is one quick fix you can try: you should try to boost the battery of your iPhone by heating it up.

Use a hair dryer for a short period of time to heat it up a bit, then plug the charger back in and the phone should turn back on.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Remove the charging cable from your phone.
  2. Turn the phone upside down at put it on a flat surface.
  3. Use your hair dryer and aim for the right side of the phone because there is a battery located. Do this for about 2 minutes.
    Heating the iPhone's battery using a hair dryer
    Heating the iPhone’s battery using a hair dryer
  4. After the 2 minutes have passed, stop using the hair dryer and plug the charging cable back into the phone.
  5. You should see that the Apple logo appears on the screen.
    The Apple logo appearing on the screen
    The Apple logo appearing on the screen

2. Change the Lightning cable

The iPhone Stuck at Red Battery Charging Screen issue might be caused by your Lightning cable. The charging cable could be damaged and not able to charge your phone properly.

Even if your phone detects that the cable is inside the phone, it still could not charge the phone. You should check the cable for any damages.

Broken charging cable
Broken charging cable

Try a different Lightning cable to see if you will be able to charge your iPhone with it. Try borrowing a cable from a friend in case you don’t have a second one laying around the house. 

Note: It is recommended to use an original Apple Lightning cable to not damage the battery even more.

If you manage to get past the red battery charging screen, you need to get rid of the old charging cable.

3. Clean the Lightning port

Another cause for the iPhone problem could be that the charging cable is unable to get in contact with the phone properly. This could happen because the Lightning port is full of dust or lint that doesn’t let the cable connect to your device.

You can confirm that this issue is applicable if the cable doesn’t enter the Lightning port completely.

When your plug in the charging cable, you should hear a click which is heard when the cable connects properly. If not heard, the port is probably dusty inside.

In this case, you need to clean the Lightning port. The best way to do this is by using a dental pick or a toothpick.

Insert the dental pick inside the port and try to remove all the dust that you find inside. Make sure to use it gently to not damage the insides of your iPhone.

Note: If you’ve never done it before and find it difficult to do this, search online for detailed instructions to not cause any problems.

Cleaning the Lightning port of your iPhone
Cleaning the Lightning port of your iPhone

When the Lightning port is clean, try to plug in the charging cable to see if it will enter completely.

If your iPhone still gets stuck at the red battery charging screen, the cause for it is probably something else.

4. Replace your battery

You might encounter the iPhone Stuck at Red Battery Charging Screen issue due to a battery issue. Your battery can become damaged if you’ve used it for a lot of time, becoming unable to recharge again.

If that’s the case, you might actually need to replace it with a healthy battery.

You can buy online a battery that is completely healthy, and many of them come with a kit that will make the installation of it a lot easier. But if you’ve never done it and you are not sure if you can, we recommend you seek help from a specialist to not damage your phone more

Changing the battery of your iPhone
Changing the battery of your iPhone

When you are done and the battery is all set, try to turn the phone on to see if you will finally fix the red battery charging screen issue.


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