iPhone 15 Pro Vapor Chamber Mod Brings Performance Gains, But Fails to Address Throttling Issues

iPhone 15 Pros launched with the world’s first 3nm SoC, and the hype surrounding that wasn’t all for nothing. The A17 Pro is inarguably the most powerful chipset housed in a commercial smartphone, but in some CPU-intensive scenarios and benchmarks, it lacks behind the competition. And there is one factor to blame — thermal throttling.

On release, Apple’s cooling solution for the iPhone 15 Pro attracted widespread criticism, primarily due to its inadequacy in handling large CPU workloads. While Apple made concessions to accommodate the Titanium frame, these compromises ultimately hindered the overall heat dissipation mechanism.

Apple addressed the issue through software updates, alleviating many of the heating concerns raised by users. However, this too, wasn’t enough, and the chip faced stability constraints. All factors considered, a Chinese creator apparently tried out his luck by incorporating a vapor chamber in the 15 Pro and the results were, to say the least, intriguing.

iPhone 15 Pro Vapor Chamber Mod Reportedly Improves Performance Numbers, But Still Throttles

The vapor chamber mod did prove beneficial since the phone saw an average of 10°C decrease in temperatures across benchmark tests. Not to mention how, AnTuTu benchmark scores recorded up to 9.1% improvement in performance scores. However, the on testing the graphical capabilities with improved thermals, a rather strange trend was noticed.

The Vapor Chamber mod led to a 10% temperature drop

Upon running the 3DMark Solar Bay benchmark test, a noticeable improvement in overall scores was evident. However, the performance chart revealed that despite better thermals and a relatively high temperature headroom, the 15 Pro still throttled. Nevertheless, it remained stable throughout the rest of the testing phase.

3DMark Solar Bay

On Genshin Impact, the iPhone 15 Pro maintained a solid 60FPS, and this is important since despite advertising the gaming and graphical capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pros, Apple may lack behind the flagship Androids this year when it comes to gaming.

Apple’s woes with running graphically-testing games is nothing hidden and if Apple fails to optimise its software to improve thermal management, the iPhone 15 Pro could fall short of its competitors despite boasting a superior 3nm SoC.

This is all we know for now, but erst assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.

via: Revegnus


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