iPhone 15 Pro Max Allegedly Reaches 108°F During a 5-Minute Phone Call

Since its public release, the iPhone 15 Pro has been making headlines, not because of the new, heavily marketed “titanium” body but due to its issues with overheating and thermal throttling. Initially, TSMC’s “A17 Pro” was blamed for this, but deeper insights revealed that Apple is the real culprit here.

Yesterday, Ming-Chi Kuo reported on how Apple’s cooling system just wasn’t efficient enough to cope with the heat dissipated from the main chip. It’s important to note that this year, Apple significantly increased the power draw for the A17 Pro by ~4W.

While one can expect such issues while gaming, it has now come to light that a user apparently experienced really high temperatures on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, not while stressing out the chip, but during a mere five-minute phone call.

Within five minutes of using the phone, it reached 108°F, which corresponds to approximately 42°C. In the Reddit thread, the user also discussed how the phone would frequently become so hot in their pocket that they had to take it out.

Now, to clarify, this was a problem with previous generations of iPhones – they would become exceptionally hot while charging, even with a 20W charger. However, with the design changes made this year, it appears that nothing is going Apple’s way.

Surely, they would have tested the phone keeping these parameters in mind, but reports from all directions are certainly concerning. On top of that, Apple has introduced support for some console games this year, one of which – RE4 is priced at $60.

It will be interesting to see how Apple manages all of this. They’ll probably ship out a software update, but that would only make sense if the performance is restricted, and the power draw is limited. The graph below perfectly sums up how significant a leap Apple has taken this year in terms of A17 Pro’s TDP.

Image: @VadimYuryey via X

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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