Real-Life Picture of iPhone 14 Pro with Updated Notch Allegedly Spotted on Twitter

Apple is planning to unveil the lineup for its upcoming iPhone 14 series on the 7th of September. Today, a few ‘leaked’ images have surfaced giving us some insight regarding the design we can expect on the iPhone 14 Pro models.

An Alleged Real Life Image

DuanRui posted some images of an alleged real-life iPhone 14 showing that Apple has now finally opted for a punch hole notch design. The small camera and and the sensor may give home to Apple’s Face ID and front camera. 
iPhone 14 Leaked Notch Design| DuanRui
Real Life picture of the iPhone 14 | DuanRui

However, this is contradicted by one of the replies stating that the image you see, is merely a cropped photo of a concept. All in all, we can get a rough idea regarding the design featured on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 14 Concept | Apple Hub

A Larger Status Bar

ShrimpApplePro also shared an image featuring the new status bar for the iPhone 14. The 5G (Black Design) is the iPhone 14 Pro Max, whereas the 4G variant (White Design) is the iPhone 13 Pro Max. We are expecting a slightly larger status bar to cover Apple’s new pill and hole-punch design.
iPhone 14 Status Bar | ShrimpApplePro

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