Stats Show iPhone 14 As The Most Disappointing iPhone in History

The iPhone 14 has received a lot of criticism since its release, with many people calling it the worst rated iPhone yet. One of the main reasons for this negative reception is that Apple has made it a rebranded version of the iPhone 13, with little to no significant upgrades when it comes to its internals and specs.

While the base model of the iPhone 14 is still a great phone, it is lacks a lot of new features. The design of the iPhone 14 is virtually identical to its predecessor, with the same notch and overall shape. While Apple has made some improvements to the camera department, these changes are not enough to justify the generational gap.

One of the few upgrades in the iPhone 14 is the increased amount of RAM, now matching that of the Pro models at 6GB, up from 4GB in the iPhone 13. However, this increase in RAM is unlikely to make a significant difference to the overall performance of the phone, especially when compared to other flagship phones on the market.

Now, a recent report from PerfectRec has revealed that iPhone 14 users are not all satisfied with their devices. The report analyzed over 600,000 user-generated Google reviews of iPhone models, dating back to the iPhone 4, and found that the drop in satisfaction with the iPhone 14 was the biggest in over a decade.

For comparison, the 5-star review drop was highest this year, after the iPhone 5 in 2012. You can have a look at the chart down below:

Image: PerfectRec

While the overall iPhone sales remain strong, thanks to the Pro series, the report suggests that the base variant this year has failed to meet the high expectations of its users. The study also highlighted the all-time highest-rated and lowest-rated iPhones, providing valuable insights into which models have been the most popular with consumers.

Interestingly, the report’s findings are in contrast to Apple’s own data, which showed that 99% of iPhone 14 family users were satisfied with their devices, according to a study by 451 Research. While these two metrics are slightly different, it is clear that there is a huge gap between how users feel about the iPhone 14 and how Apple perceives its popularity.

The report from PerfectRec also shows the most popular features of the iPhone, with the camera and battery life consistently ranking as the most important factors for users. It’s important to note that while there might not be a lot of stuff that is changed from the previous generation, the battery and cameras are surely one of the best in the industry at the moment.

It is true that in the case of Apple, consumers have consistently rated the more expensive Pro models more favorably than the non-Pro models. This may seem ironic, given that the higher-priced models are typically more expensive, but the reason behind this phenomenon is quite simple.

One major factor is the significant difference in features and capabilities between the non-Pro and Pro models. The Pro models often come with more better cameras, displays (ProMotion gap between Pro and non-Pros) , and faster processors (A16 vs A15), among other features. For many consumers, these upgrades are worth the extra cost.

Additionally, the price difference between the non-Pro and Pro models can be significant, leading many consumers to perceive the Pro models as a more premium, desirable and a value-to-money option.

This can lead to a psychological effect known as the “halo effect,” where consumers perceive more expensive products as higher quality and more desirable, even if the actual differences are relatively minor. However, one can argue against this, only for this generation of iPhones. And this is exactly why the base variant 14 is so hated.

The report also discusses this, as can be seen in the chart below:

Image: PerfectRec

While we know that WWDC will be held soon, it means that Apple will have a chance to redeem themselves, or will they trust themselves and go with what they seem to perceive. Whatever it is, we will make sure to keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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