Intel i9-14900K & i7-14700K ’14th Generation’ CPUs Emerge in Early Tests

Intel plans to launch the 14th Generation of its Core CPUs sometime in October. The Raptor Lake Refresh family features minimal improvements over Raptor Lake. The only changes we have noticed thus far are more cores and higher clock speeds.

Today, the kingpin i9-14900K and the i7-14700K have emerged in early benchmarks, confirming the specifications.

Intel 14th Generation CPUs Spotted

In CrossMark, both the i9-14900K and the i7-14700K were put to the test. The test bench features the RTX 4090 along with 16GB of DDR5-4800 memory. The slow memory will of course negatively impact the test results as you’ll see in a bit.

From the i7 family, the 14700K boasts 20 cores and 28 threads. Similarly, the i9-14900K is packed with 24 cores and 32 threads. Apparently, only the 14700K sees a boost in the core count department.

Test Bench | Bapco via Videocardz

Across a suite of benchmarks, both CPUs show respectable numbers albeit lower than their Raptor Lake counterparts. The tests include productivity, creativity, responsiveness and the overall score.

i9-14900K & i7-14700K Benchmark | Bapco via Videocardz

In the same tests, last generation’s i9-13900K manages to perform slightly better. The same is the case with the i7-13700K. It can be possible that the chips were being throttled or not running at their full potential. In any case, this benchmark at least confirms the core count numbers we saw before.

Release Date

Intel currently plans to unveil the 14th Generation of Core CPUs sometime in October. Initially, as is tradition, team blue will only announce the K-SKUs with the Non-K lineup arriving early next year. While RPL-R is not as exciting as we thought, keep an eye out for Meteor Lake which may be announced at the Intel Innovation event on 19th September.

Raptor Lake RefreshCores/ThreadsMax ClocksRaptor LakeCores/ThreadsMax Clocks

Source: i9-14900K, i7-14700K, Videocardz


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