Fix Installation Stopped Xbox on External Hard drive

Games are getting bigger day by day but unfortunately, the internal hard drive in your Xbox One isn’t. The maximum storage capacity of an external hard drive is 2TB, therefore, gamers need to invest in an external hard drive for making games load faster. Although the external hard drives are very reliable, there are still some affected users reporting that the problem occurs every time they try to install a game on an external hard drive.

Installation Stopped Error

In order to store apps and games on an external hard drive, the drive needs to hold a capacity of 256GB or more and use a USB 3.0 connection. Verify the specifications of your external hard drive before installing games on it. If your hard drive meets these requirements and you still encounter this issue in your Xbox One, proceed to the fixes illustrated below to get rid of this glitch.

Method 1: Format your Hard Drive Before Installation

The Xbox will detect the external drive and ask how would you like to use this drive: for media or for games & apps. If you choose media, you will keep any content that’s currently on the drive but if you choose games & apps, the drive needs to be formatted. Hence, formatting it correctly would allow the installation of games onto it without any trouble.

  1. Connect your hard drive to the USB port of Xbox One and an on-screen pop-up will display. From there choose Format storage device and then rename your device.
    Format Device
  2. Choose to Install new things here option to automatically install future games on this drive and click on the Format storage device to configure it for Xbox One so that future games and apps could automatically install on your external drive.

After formatting your external hard drive try to install any game or software on it. In case you still end up seeing the same error, move down to the next potential fix below.

Method 2: Reset your Hardware

  1. If you have an external hard drive with the games and apps already installed on it, then perform a hard reset of the system.
  2. After performing the reset unplug the power socket from the wall
  3. Unplug the external hard drive and the ethernet cable too.
  4. After waiting for a couple of minutes, plug the Xbox one back in and power it ON.
  5. Once powered up, before connecting the Ethernet cable perform the factory reset the system.
    Factory Reset in Console Info
  6. After the factory reset navigate to the home menu plug your external hard drive back in.
  7. Now attempt to download a game and most probably it will install now. Note: Don’t worry if the installation stops at the beginning when you will resume the download, it would go the rest of the way.

In case the same problem is persisting, proceed to the next method below.

Method 3: Try Downloading From Game Pass Application

You might be downloading games from the store, Xbox app or console companion, etc. Try to:

  • Download via Game pass app so that not only you can save up to 20% on Xbox One game purchases from the existing Xbox Game Pass catalog but you can get 10% off on Xbox One game add-ons.
    Game Pass Library
  • Download the Xbox Game Pass app to search, browse, and download new games to your console when you’re on your mobile device.

Method 4: Alter the Power Settings

  1. If you possess an external hard drive with an external power source such as mybook you need to deactivate the Turn off external drive option located in the power settings because that drive already has a built-in sleep mode.
  2. Afterward, hard reset (press and hold the Xbox Logo on your console for about 5-8 seconds until the console shuts off) your Xbox One,
  3. Before the reboot, it is better to disable the option Turn off HD when Xbox turns off that can be found under Power settings.
  4. Restart the Xbox One and try to download any game or other software like Youtube on it and hopefully, it would be installed successfully without any glitch.

Method 5: Cancel the Download and Switch To Wifi

If you are using a mobile hotspot instead of Wifi then most likely you wouldn’t be able to download or install anything on Xbox One hence switch to Wifi so that the downloads can resume. If you are still encountering this issue then,

  1. Try canceling the download.
  2. Take the disc out.
  3. Then, restart your console.
  4. This time when the console says “This game needs an update” you must click on Update later option and let the entire disc finish installing before you update the game.
  5. This can be done by pressing the menu or pause button on the chosen game in My games and apps and clicking on the Manage game option where you will see a side tab on the left of the screen containing a section called Updates.


I was trying to download Infinite Warfare but it wasn’t properly installed because I didn’t have the Blu Ray Player installed on my Xbox hence the Xbox couldn’t read it properly until I downloaded the player. After downloading Blue Ray Player the game installed without popping-up any error message.

I tried my best to list down the tested solutions that work for many of us to get rid of the installation stopped error on Xbox One. Feel free to comment below which solution worked for you or if there is any other solution that eliminates this error but if the error still persists try contacting Xbox support so that they can address your issue.


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