How to Insert an Animated GIF in PowerPoint?

Animated GIFs in presentations are amazing for capturing attention and boosting the mood of the audience. Whether the presentation is for education or business, a good GIF can help to gain the focus of your audience. If you already have the GIF or are still looking for one, inserting a GIF animation will take less than a minute in PowerPoint. In this article, we will show you the simplest way of finding and inserting a GIF animation to your PowerPoint presentation.

Inserting GIF animation in PowerPoint Slide

Inserting an Animated GIF in PowerPoint

To insert a GIF to your presentation, first you need to know what kind of GIF you want for it. You can easily find GIF animations on Google, GIPHY, and on most of the social media applications/websites. However, Google Images is an easier way for finding the GIF, since it shows all the results of the GIFs located on the other sites. Follow the below steps to insert the GIF animation in PowerPoint:

  1. First, you need to download a GIF animation file from the Internet or you can also create your own GIF. To download the GIF, simply search the keyword of the reaction that you need for your presentation in Google Images as shown below:
    Note: You can also use one of the other famous websites for GIF known as GIPHY.

    Searching for the related GIF animation that is appropriate for the presentation
  2. Click on the GIF that you like. It will open the preview mode on the side, right-click on the GIF and select Open image in new tab option.
    Note: If you download from the preview mode, sometimes it will download as an image file and sometimes it will be in low resolution. Make sure you check the resolution of the GIF that you are downloading.

    Opening GIF animation in new tab for full size
  3. Click on the New tab where GIF file was opened. Right-click on the GIF and choose Save Image As option. Provide the path where you want to save the GIF.
    Note: You can also choose Copy Image and Paste the Image directly to your slide, however, sometimes the application or GIF privacy won’t allow that option.

    Saving the GIF animation to your computer
  4. Open your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint application. Click on the Insert tab and choose the Picture option.
    Inserting GIF animation to the presentation slide
  5. Choose the GIF that you just downloaded and click on the Insert button.
    Choosing the downloaded GIF to insert
  6. You can move the GIF around the slide and resize it if you want. It won’t be playing until you go to Slide Show mode by pressing the F5 button.
    Note: Most of the GIF animation files are made for the infinite loop, so the animation will play in an infinite loop and there is no option for changing the animation playtime on PowerPoint.

    Checking the GIF animation in Slide Show mode

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