Fix: ‘ICN_ Downloaded’ Stuck in the Corner of the Screen

The ICN_Downloaded issue is caused by the malfunctioning of the modules of the Teams application. The issue arises when the user notices the ICN_Downloaded near the bottom right of the screen (just near the System’s Tray). The issue is reported on nearly all the major PC manufacturers.

ICN_ Downloaded’ Stuck in the Corner

Solution: Quit the Microsoft Teams Application or Change its Setting

The ICN_Downloaded tooltip is the result of the malfunction of the Microsoft Teams modules. In this context, closing the Microsoft Teams may solve the problem.

Minimize All Processes and Show the Desktop of Your System

  1. Press the Windows + D (or use the Show Desktop button) keys to show the desktop of your system.
    Click on the Show Desktop Button in the System’s Tray
  2. Now, check if the ICN_Downloaded tooltip is removed.

Quit the Teams Application Through the System’s Tray

  1. Show the hidden icons of the System’s Tray and right-click on the Teams application.
  2. Now, in the context menu shown, select Quit and then check if the ICN_Downloaded issue is resolved.
    Quit the Team’s Application in the System’s Tray

Use the Task Manager to End the Teams Processes

  1. Right-click on the Taskbar of your system and in the resulting menu, choose the Task Manager. You can also press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys and in the window shown, choose the Task Manager.
    Open the Task Manager of Your System from the Taskbar
  2. Now, in the Processes tab, right-click on Teams.
  3. Then in the mini-menu, choose End Task and check if the ICN_Downloaded problem is solved.
    End Task of the Microsoft Teams Application in the Task Manager of Your System

Change the Startup Settings of the Teams Application

If you want to avoid the issue in the future, then you may edit the settings of the Teams application to stop the application from running after closing the application.

  1. Launch the Teams application, and click on your user’s name (near the top right of the Teams application).
    Open the Settings of the Microsoft Teams Application
  2. Now, uncheck the option of ‘On Close, Keep the Application Running‘ and close the Teams application to check if the ICN_Downloaded issue is resolved.
    Disable On Close, Keep the Application Running

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