Huawei Launches Ascend C Programming Language at Kunpeng Ascend Developer Summit 2023

Earlier today, Huawei held an event called Kunpeng Ascend Developer Summit 2023. During this event, the company released a bunch of new software and hardware products and solutions. Huawei said that they are focusing on technology and trying to make everything as local as possible.

As part of this, they also launched the Ascend C programming language, which is designed to help people develop operators more easily. The language is designed to be compatible with C/C++ programming specifications and is aimed at operator development scenarios.

According to Huawei, Ascend C helps developers optimize how operators work. It works by allowing developers to create the core logic of an operator more easily, with automatic scheduling to make it run faster. There’s also a tool that makes it faster to move operators between different parts of a computer, which used to take a lot longer.

When it comes to large programming models, Ascend is really good at making them work efficiently. It does this by using both software and hardware to speed up the process of developing and training these models. In fact, Ascend is so good at it that it can help people train really big models with up to 200 billion parameters in just 25 days.

Zhang Dixuan, who is in charge of Huawei’s Ascend Computing Business, said that they have already helped over 30 different big models get started using Ascend. That’s more than half of all the big models that were developed in China! As an example, he quoted one of these models, named Xunfei Spark.

Zhou Jun, who is in charge of Huawei’s ICT Marketing, said that Shengteng (which is part of Ascend) has worked with over 1,100 different partners. So far, 25 different cities have set up special computer centers just for artificial intelligence, and 14 of them are already up and running.

While this is simply one of the many things unveiled at the summit, rest assured that we will keep you updated on all new developments as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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