How to Setup Windows 10 on VirtualBox

Windows 10 was announced on July 29, 2015. It was a day long awaited by millions of Windows OS users as Microsoft promised to put its best inside Windows 10 and probably they have. They have fixed many things in the latest version of Windows including Start Menu, Windows Store and much more.

So, if you are a Windows 8 / OSX or Linux user and you want to taste the most elegant version of Windows but you don’t want to install or upgrade your OS at the moment. Then, you can definitely have advantage of the biggest facility available called VirtualBox. As the name represents, VirtualBox is a Virtual environment facilitating the users in trying their favorite Operating Systems without installing them on the hardware. So, the below guide will help you in setting up Windows 10 on virtual box.

How to Setup Windows 10 on VirtualBox?

1. Downloading the Windows 10:

The first thing which you will be expecting too, is to download the Windows 10 from the Microsoft website. Fortunately, Microsoft has made it free to download from their website. Go to this link and select the 32-bit or 64-bit version of OS from there. It will download ISO file.

2. Downloading Virtual Box:

The next thing you would need is the VirtualBox itself. Virtual Box is an Open Source program and it is developed by Oracle. So, you can download it free of cost.

Go to this link to download the VirtualBox. Select the installer file related to your particular OS and download. After downloading is done, install and run it.


3. Creating a New Virtual Machine inside Virtual Box:

After opening the VirtualBox, click on the New icon button at the top left side of the window. A small window will appear prompting you to write the Name of the virtual machine you want to create. You can write any name inside this box. It also asks to select the Type and Version of the OS you want to install. In this case, select Microsoft Windows as the type and Windows 10 (64-bit) as the version. Hit Next after you are done.


4. Allocating the RAM:

Every OS needs some RAM to work. So, RAM should also be allocated to the machine in order to execute. This RAM is deducted from your hard drive’s memory. So, you need to select at-least 2048MB memory in order to work the Windows properly. Hit Next to move to the next step.


5. Allocating the Size on Hard Disk:

After hitting the Next button several times, you would come up to this important setting. It asks you to choose the size of the Disk you want to allocate for the Virtual Machine. Make it sure that you choose the size more than 30GB. Click on the Create button afterwards.


6. Choose the Windows 10 ISO:

Now is the time to choose Windows 10 ISO from the Virtual Machine. Click on the Settings and select Storage from the left pane. Click on the circular icon with a plus sign at the top located right next to Controller: SATA. It will ask you to choose the Windows 10 ISO file. Click OK after selecting the OS file.


7. Installing the Windows:

Click on the green Start Button at the top of VirtualBox and it will start installing the Windows 10 on your virtual machine, Follow the instructions, enter your credentials and you will be good to go.


8. Switching to Full Screen:

In order to have a real-time experience of Windows 10 on VirtualBox, you can switch to full screen by going to View and selecting the full screen.

So, it would a bit laggy but you would need to ignore it. Have a nice experience using it.


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How to Setup Windows 10 on VirtualBox

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