Setup MG6820/MG6821 Wirelessly using the Printer’s Control Panel

Canon MG682x series is an all-in-one solution to print, scan, and copy your documents in  your home or office. Like many other Canon Pixma all-in-one solutions, MG682x series lets you connect wirelessly, and you can use it to print, scan, and copy without physically attaching it to your computer or mobile device. However, you need to connect and configure it before you can use it wirelessly. Please follow this procedure to connect it to your wireless Wi-Fi router.

Before you start connecting your printer, please make sure you meet the following requirements.

You have a Wi-Fi wireless network available.

You know the name of your Wi-Fi network.

You have the password (network key) of your Wi-Fi network.

Setup MG682x Wirelessly Using the Printer’s Control Panel

Turn on MG682x and tap the Setup


Tap Wireless LAN setup.


A screen will appear with a list of detected wireless networks. Choose your desired wireless network.


A password (network key) screen will appear. Enter your Wi-Fi password and press OK. You can enter uppercase, lowercase, numeric, and special characters. Please note that the password is case sensitive.


Press OK to end the connection setup. You will see a Wi-Fi icon flashing on your MG682x. It means that it is establishing a connection with your wireless Wi-Fi router. Once connected, it will go solid. Now you can move on to install the drivers and bundled software for your MG682x.

Install the Drivers and Bundled Software for MG682x

Insert the CD that came with your MG682x. Setup will start automatically. If it doesn’t, browse to your CD-ROM drive and run the setup utility.

Click Next on the welcome screen.

Setup will detect network printer. When detection process finishes, click Next.

Select your place of residence and click Next.

Click the name of your country, or the nearest country if it is not on the list, and click Next.

A software Installation List will appear. Check the MP Drivers checkbox. Additionally, check any additional software packages that you want to install and click Next.

License Agreement screen will appear. You need to accept the license agreement in order to continue. Click Yes.

A screen will appear prompting you to allow all install wizard processes. Click Next. If you see any prompts by Windows, your firewall, or antivirus, allow the installation.

Setup will install your required drivers and applications. When the setup completes the installation, click Complete.

Click Next and Exit on the following screens.

Now you can use your MG682x wirelessly. To use this printer on more than one computers, repeat the driver and bundled installation process for each computer.

Note: The procedure may differ slightly depending on your printer model and region of purchase.

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Setup MG6820/MG6821 Wirelessly using the Printer’s Control Panel

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