BEST GUIDE: Setup Timers, Alarms and Clocks in Windows 10

Do you want to set an alarm? If you are a smartphone owner, your have probably replaced your alarm clock with your smartphone already. However, if you are working on your computer, it is more convenient to set your alarm on your computer, instead of your phone. Fortunately, you can set an alarm with the handy “Alarms & Clock” app in Windows 10. Actually, the app was introduced in Windows 8, however, it did not receive a lot of user appreciation. So, Microsoft did a makeover and added a “World Clock” feature making it more useful. Try it, and you will find it useful and handy while working on your Windows 10 computer.

Setting Up Alarm in Windows 10

Please follow the simple procedure below to set an alarm in Windows 10.

In Windows 10 search, type “Alarm” to search for the “Alarms & Clock” app. Open the app.

alarm 10

To set an alarm, you can either turn on and modify an existing alarm or create a new one by clicking the plus (+) sign in the bottom-right corner. Start customizing your alarm by giving it an appropriate name. Below “alarm name” field, you can set hour, minute and AM/PM. Below time setting, you can set the repeat mode. You can set it to “Only once” or repeat it on specific days of the week. You can also set the alarm sound. However, Windows 10 allows you to set your alarm sound from a predefined set only. You cannot set any other sound or song of choice as your alarm sound. You can also set snooze time on this setting screen. When you are happy with the customization, click the save icon to save your new alarm. However, if you have changed your mind, you can click the delete icon to trash this alarm.

Note: Windows 10 alarm will not work if the PC is turned off.


Setting up World Clock in Windows 10

The world clock is a useful new feature in this app. When configured, world clocks will appear when you click date and time in the notification area at the bottom-right corner of your screen. To set world clocks, do the following steps.

Navigate to the “World clock” tab in the “Alarms & Clock” app.

Click on the plus (+) sign in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Type the name of the location in the text box, and you will see matching location below.

To compare times of other location, click the “Compare” icon and use the slider to compare.


How to Set Timer in Windows 10

The timer is another nice addition to Windows “Alarms & Clock” app. Just navigate to “Timer” page, set the name and time, and click the play button. You don’t need to wait for one timer to expire to set another. Use the same plus button, and set more than one timer at the same time.


How to Set Stopwatch in Windows 10

To make Windows 10 a multi-device operating system, Microsoft has added a neat stopwatch feature to this application. To set the stopwatch, navigate to stopwatch screen and click the play button. You can also record laps by clicking the broken circle button on the left of the play button.

Note: You will see notifications regarding “Alarms & Clock” app in the notification area of your taskbar. If you want to use this app frequently, you can pin this app to the taskbar for quick access.



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