How to: Scan Barcodes and QR Codes on Windows 10 Mobile

Any person who has used Windows Phone 8.1 and tinkered around with it even a little bit would know that the operating system had a nifty feature to offer: QR code and barcode scanning. By simply launching the camera, navigating to available lenses, and selecting Bing Vision, a smartphone running Windows Phone 8.1 could be turned into a QR code and barcode scanner.

Unfortunately, despite its advanced technology, Windows Phone 10 does not come with the QR code and barcode scanning feature. Even though it is in the early stages of development and release, the chances of incorporation of such features into the OS are bleak at best. However, it’s worth noting that anyone wishing can turn their Windows Phone 10 Smartphone into a QR code and barcode scanner using third-party apps.

There are more barcode and QR code scanning apps, both free and paid, on the Windows Phone Store than you could possibly decide between, so let’s make it a bit easier for you. The following are the two QR code and barcode scanning apps — one free, and the other paid — that are definitely worth your time (and money) and should be used to scan barcodes and QR codes on a Windows 10 phone.

QR Scanner RS is available for free.

QR Scanner RS is ideal for all Windows Phone 10 users seeking to scan a few QR codes and/or barcodes occasionally. Although QR Scanner RS should have only included basic QR code and barcode scanning capabilities due to its $0 price tag, the developer decided to benefit users by incorporating more features into QR Scanner RS than any other free QR code and barcode scanning app on the Store. The app not only allows users to scan QR codes, links, and barcodes, but it also enables them to adjust camera settings and select their preferred search provider from a comprehensive list of presets, or designate their own custom search provider.

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For a free app, QR Scanner RS has A LOT to offer, and the app doesn’t even have any advertisements. In light of this, if you happen to use the app and like it, there is absolutely no reason not to do the people behind the app a favor by donating $0.99 to show your support and appreciation. Additionally, giving the app a decent rating and review on the Windows Phone Store is a good idea.

You can download QR Scanner RS here.

QR Scanner+ costs $1.99.

Many might wonder why they should pay a few dollars for an app designed merely to enable their phone to scan QR codes and barcodes. However, rest assured that QR Scanner+ is certainly capable of making your investment worthwhile. To begin with, QR Scanner+ elevates QR code and barcode scanning to an entirely new level, offering an unprecedentedly extensive array of settings, toggles, and adjustments that users can make. Not to mention, it’s capable of performing scans at lightning-fast speeds using the Rapid Scan feature.

QR Scanner+ provides abundant functionality beyond just scanning QR codes and barcodes. It scans URLs, vCards, meCards, bizCards, vEvents, geo-locations, email addresses, phone numbers and text messages. It’s even capable of scanning SEPA credit transfers, such as Giro codes. Moreover, the utility of QR Scanner+ extends further as it’s compatible not only with Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 10 but also with tablets and computers. If you are still not yet convinced of the merits, integrity, and competence of QR Scanner+, the developers offer a risk-free 7-day trial. This trial allows you to experience firsthand the extensive, versatile capabilities of QR Scanner+.

QR Scanner+ can be downloaded here.


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