How to Reopen A Closed Tab

Everybody probably experienced the following situation. You found a very interesting website with a lot of interesting and useful information for yourself. May this be for a personal project, your current job or just because of personal interest, This website got it all nicely together and offers you exactly what you were looking for. While browsing around on this site you open another tab and then accidentally close the wrong tab. The site with all the useful stuff is gone because you simply close the wrong tab. Before all the major browsers supported reopening closed tabs this was quite frustrating. Nowadays however all Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and most of the others are able to reopen recently closed tabs. In this guide, I will show you how to reopen closed tabs on the three major browsers, which are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

All three browsers support reopening recently closed tabs with a simple keyboard shortcut. All of those browsers also use the same shortcuts to just do that. If you just closed one of your tabs and want to open it again on any of those 3 browsers, Press and hold Ctrl and Shift on your keyboard and then just Press T once. This will open up the last recently closed tab. If you just closed more than one tab, repeat the whole process until you reopen the tab you wanted to get. This process can be done for the last 10 recently closed tabs. There are other ways to open recently closed tabs, presented in the following solutions.

reopen closed tab

Opening Closed Tabs in Microsoft Edge

If you want to open up a recently closed tab in Microsoft Edge, without the Keyboard Shortcuts, open up a new tab and right-click the top of the new tab, and choose Re-open Closed Tab.

reopen closed tab edge

Opening Closed Tabs on a Mac (Google Chrome/Firefox/Safari)

Since the Chrome browser on mac systems continues to have a menu, you can reopen tabs using this method as well. Go to the Chrome menu, select File, and then click Reopen Closed Tab or use the short-cut Command+Shift+T which works on Firefox as well. On Safari, use the Command + Z keys, or Edit Menu -> Undo.

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How to Reopen A Closed Tab

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