How to Remove Trojan win32/autoKMS

Viruses pose a major threat in the modern age, and it has become essential to install virus removal software, also known as antivirus, to provide protection against them.

There are thousands of viruses and malware attacking internet users who are amateurs and download a lot of content online.

Hack tool: Win32/AutoKMS is the most notorious of all, as it is capable of causing some serious trouble if not handled properly.

What is the hack tool: AutoKMS?

Hack tool: Win32/AutoKMS is known to be the greatest risk to security within a PC. This tool is capable of injecting malicious codes into Windows system files, and these codes can stall the whole system by restricting the owner’s access. Hackers use this tool to attack systems with weak security and authorization. This hack tool is bundled along with unauthorized or pirated software, which people use for free activation of paid software. It can also appear in the form of ads, insisting that users update their flash programs, etc. When installed on a PC, it operates in the background and gathers user data using keyloggers, which can result in the theft of money from a credit card or similar.

How Can You Prevent This in the Future?

I hope that, if you are moving along smoothly, this question will definitely cross your mind: how can you prevent yourself from installing these kinds of Trojans in the future?

Here is the tip: Always perform a custom installation when installing software, whether it’s a game or an application. A number of times, these malicious programs are embedded within the installer packages of other software, and these also get installed with that particular software. Always remember to turn on the antivirus as well as the firewall to stay protected.

How can I remove the hack tool: Win32/AutoKMS?

Here is the guide for which you have probably landed on this page. So, let’s get started on removing this hefty Trojan from your computer. Follow the methods below to completely remove it.

Method #1: Removing Manually.

1. The hack tool is always running in the background. Therefore, it should be terminated before removing it from the system. In order to terminate the hack tool, go to the Task Manager by pressing Win + X on the keyboard within Windows 10, or you can press Alt + Ctrl + Del on any operating system to open it.

win32autokms removal1

2. Inside the Task Manager, search for processes related to the hack tool: Win32/AutoKMS, and terminate them by right-clicking and selecting ‘End Process.’

3. After terminating the process, it is time to remove it completely from the system. Open the Registry Editor by searching in the search field, or you can type ‘regedit‘ directly into the Run box.

win32autokms removal2

4. When in the Registry Editor, find the following keys associated with Hack Tool: Win32/AutoKMS and delete them. These keys are present on the left pane of the Registry Editor.

Method #2: Running a System File Checker Scan.

If you can’t resolve the error using the above method, then you will need to run a System File Checker scan to check for corrupted or missing system files and to restore them to their normal state.

To run an SFC scan, click on the following link and follow the instructions. At the end of this process, you will be able to remove the hack tool: Win32/autoKMS.


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