How to Make a Passport Size Photo Using IDPhoto4You

You’re working in an office and suddenly you need a passport size photo for some paperwork, or are going abroad and didn’t get the time to click a proper passport size picture from a studio, you can sit home and have one of your already existing pictures be edited into a passport picture.

IDPhoto4You, is a website that helps people edit their pictures into a passport photo to its perfection. You can upload your single image here on the website and follow the steps as mentioned below to edit the image as per your requirement.

Using IDPhoto4You

  1. This is the website for IDPhoto4You.
  2. This is a no-cost forum for all the people who want to have a passport photo without having to pay any dollars. The homepage for IDPhoto4You shows you all the details that you need to know about them and how it works. You can choose the country you are from. Choosing a country from the list is very significant here because every country has a different size specified for the passport size picture.
  3. Choose the print size of the page you want to print the picture on.
    choosing the print size for your picture is very important here.
  4. If you are from a different country which has more than one sizes for their passport pictures, then you can choose the sizes from the dropdown list that appears under the heading ‘Photo’.
  5. You can see the title for ‘Image File’ in the picture that has been shared in the first step. Under this, there is a tab for ‘Choose File’. This is what you need to click on when you have to upload an image of you for editing.
    All the details you need to know about IDPhoto4You
  6.  Once you have uploaded the image. This is how your screen will look like. You will see a frame on top of your image which can be expanded or reduced, rotated and adjusted according to your picture by you. To make your passport picture perfect, you need to make sure that the face of the image is correctly adjusted with the ‘adjuster mask’, as they call it. The main part of the face should be in the center of this mask. If you want to see how this is done visually, then scroll down on your screen for IDPhoto4You to read more about how it can be done right.
    Upload an image and edit it the way you like it.

Why Use IDPhoto4You When You Can Go to a Studio

If you had the choice to go out and get a passport picture clicked, for which you would have to pay, or if you could stay home and just print out a passport picture all by yourself, which one would you choose?

For people who like staying indoors after working for the whole day, would definitely go for the latter. And all the people who would want to save a few dollars would also pick the second option.

A website is facilitating you with such services, where you can make it yourself without having to pay any dollars, then you must give it a try. Especially when it is not much hard work. In short, IDPhoto4You saves you the:

  • Time
  • Dollars
  • and a trip to a studio

Habiba Rehman

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