How to Make a Conference Call on your iPhone

If you want to talk with more than one person on your phone, actually if you want to talk up to five people all you need to do is merge calls and that feature is right in front of you. Conference call on iPhone is pretty easy process, but there are many other options you can do with conference call you should know.

Have you seen all the buttons on you iPhone while you are dialing someone and wonder what they are? Today we’ll explain one of them and that is “Add Call” button.

Steps to make a conference call:

  1. Make a call to the person you want to talk and let them know that you will add more people to that conversation.
  2. When they pick up tap on “Add Call” button from the menu.
    add call
    add call
  3. The first call will be on hold while the second answers the phone.
  4. Once they picks up, all you need to do is tap on “Merge Calls” to combine those too and start a conference call.
  5. You can repeat that until you are up to five people to that same conversation.
  6. Enjoy the conversation with your friends.

Also, this means  that you are conference administrator and you can talk privately with one person or drop someone from the call.

How to Drop a person from the conference call:

To drop someone from the conference call all you need to do is tap on the “i” button next to that person name and the tap End.

Talking privately:

To have a private conversation with one person just tap the “i” button and then tap private to gossip about everyone else in the conversation. This is possible only if all other calls are merged.

Mute your voice:

If you want to listen to others talk but you don’t want to be heard all you need to do is tap the “mute” button.

Kevin Arrows
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