How to Import Pictures from your Smart Phone into Windows 10

Are you having troubles downloading your media from your camera? Or a smartphone? Has Windows 10 been too much of an upgrade for you and you are failing to find the functionalities that you had a habit of using in previous versions?

Well, you don’t have to worry then because we are going to be sharing complete guides for downloading pictures from a digital camera, a Windows phone, an IPhone and an Android device. Go to the section that concerns you (depending on the device you want to download from) to find prompt guides:

Importing From a Digital Camera

To transfer images from your digital camera to your computer, you will need to have a USB cable. Go through the following steps:

Connect the cable to the port on your camera and then connect its USB port to your computer. (Ensure that the camera is on)

If you are connecting your digital camera to your PC for the first time then you might have to wait till Windows 10 completes the first time initialization and installation process.

The “Import photos and videos” wizard is still present in the latest version of the Windows OS. Press the windows button and select “File Explorer” from the window to your left.

Under the “Devices and Drivers” tab you should be able to see your camera.

STEP 4: Right click on the icon and select “Import photos and videos

This should start the photo/video import wizard. It will give you two options: You can either review your images and organize them while importing; or you can just import them to the default folder. If you want to change the folder where the images are stored, you can click on “More Options” and change the “Import Images to” address.

The default camera wizard will display the images in form of groups/albums based on their dates and times. From the window that will appear, you can enter names for the albums and also uncheck the albums that you don’t want to import.

Once selected, click on “Import” (the icon on the top right hand side) and your images and/or videos will be imported. You will also have an option to erase the media from your device after importing. Check it while importing if you want to achieve that.

Importing from an iPhone

Transferring photos or videos from an IPhone is also pretty straightforward on Windows 10.

Make sure that your IPhone is unlocked when you are connecting it to the PC. A locked phone might get detected but you won’t be able to access its contents.

Connect your IPhone to the computer via its data cable. Once again, if it has never been connected before, the “initialization and installation” process will begin. Once it’s done, proceed.

From the Start tab, select “File Explorer” and find your phone under the “Devices and Drivers” tab.

At this stage, you can follow the same steps after “Step 4” that are written above and are to be followed for a digital camera.

As an alternative, you can also use the “Photos” app within Windows 10 to import your media from your IPhone. Your IPhone should be unlocked and trusted (When you connect, you will be prompted to trust the PC or not. Say yes to that. Now connect it to the computer, open the Photos app, click on “Import” (an icon on the top right hand side) and the importing process should begin.

Importing from a Windows Phone

Just like the IPhone and the digital camera, you should be able to import media from your windows phone using the same process.

Connect your unlocked windows phone to your PC using a data cable.

If it’s the first time, there should be an “initialization and installation” prompt. Let it complete.

Once done, make your way to the file explorer and then find your phone under the “Devices and drivers” tab.

Follow the same steps that are written after “Step 4” in the digital camera importing guide.

Alternatively, you can also use the Photos app in Windows 10 to import from a windows smartphone. Just open the app with the phone connected, click on “Import” which is an icon on the top right hand side and let the importing begin.

Importing from an Android Phone:

Connect the unlocked Android smartphone to your PC using its data cable.

IF the phone hasn’t been connected before, you will see an “initilzation and installation” window. Let it complete.

Press the windows button, go to the file explorer and find your phone under the “Devices and drivers” tab.

Follow the same steps (After step 4) from the digital camera media importing guide.

import pictures windows 10

Once again, you can also use the Photos app to import photos. With the device connected, you will have to click on Import and the importing window should appear.


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