How to Get Blue Essence on LOL ‘League of Legends’

League of Legends is a vast game with a plenty of heroes available for players to choose from. This sounds overwhelming but you will quickly realize that only a couple of heroes work the best for you. Your best bet is to try out each hero at least once while playing with bots in order to see just how to play it and what does it take to be the best. Taking a hero you have never played before with in a competitive match may cause an outrage by other players as soon as they realize you don’t know how to play the hero.

Unlocking Champions

First of all, you need to realize that League of Legends champions are not free. Each week, there is a new rotation of free champions and the game provides you with ten champions to choose from each week. You can also play other champions if you have already unlocked them by purchasing or unlocking them. There are several different ways to obtain a new champion permanently and it mostly depends on what you are willing to invest more easily: your time or your money.

This week’s free champions

Purchasing with IP

IP or Influence Points are obtained by playing a lot of different matches and you earn these all the time. There is no specific amount of IP you get after each match because it mostly depends on your performance. Prices of heroes range from 450 to 6300 IP if you exclude new heroes whose price is higher when they have just been released.

Purchasing with RP

RP or Riot Points are different from Influence Points by the means that you need to purchase them using real money. You can buy these points by entering the shop and clicking the “Purchase RP” option. There are several different purchasing options available for each user so feel free to choose the one

which suits you the most.

Be sure to try out a hero before purchasing it because it might not suit you

Hextech Crafting

Folks who are not so keen on buying and purchasing champions can unlock them with Hextech Crafting by opening chests which contain loot. This loot can be later redeemed for different in-game content such as skins, summoner icons, and even champions!

You also earn different keys and chests if you and your team perform well and you can combine everything for new items using two different essences: Champion Essence (blue) and Cosmetic Essence (orange).

Acquiring Blue Essence

Different League of Legends champions require different items from Hextech Crafting in order to unlock new heroes. For example, in order to unlock a champion called Malzahar, you will realize that the champion requires blue essence in order to be unlocked.

Some items require a lot of blue essence to unlock

One of the only ways to acquire blue essence is somewhat complicated but it can pay off if you really need to acquire it. Start off by purchasing a lot of different shards in the Accessories page located in the Store. Forge these shards and you can sell them and acquire blue essence. The price of it is somewhere between 300 and 400 Influence Points which may seem like a lot but it’s possibly the only non-random way of acquiring Blue Essence.


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