How to Fix the ‘One Moment Please with REF Code S0A00’ Error on Comcast?

Comcast is one of the most popular cable service providers in the world. It is the largest pay-TV service provider and also one of the most used ISP in the USA. It provides many telecommunication services and is headquartered in Philadelphia. Xfinity is also their subsidiary and is quite popular as well. However, quite recently, a lot of reports have been coming in of the “one moment please with ref code s0a00” Error with their TV Boxes.

“one moment please” with “ref code s0a00”

This error is reported to mostly occur in the prime time when a lot of users are on the network at the same time and is in many cases limited only to a few channels. In this article, we will address this situation and provide you with a viable set of solutions to eradicate it. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and with accuracy to avoid conflict.

What Causes the “One Moment Please with REF Code S0A00” Error?

After receiving numerous reports from multiple users, we decided to investigate the issue and devised a set of solutions to fix it completely. Also, we looked into the reasons due to which it is triggered and listed them as follows.

  • Activation Issue: In most cases, this issue is caused due to an issue with your activation. If your TV Box hasn’t been activated yet or is pending activation, this issue might be caused. It is best to contact the customer support and check if your activation has been processed or not.
  • TV Issue: In some cases, the error might be caused due to the television on which the cable box has been connected. The TV might be out of order due to which the loadup of some channels might be causing the issue. It is best to check if the cable box works on another TV.
  • Loose Cables: If the cables aren’t plugged-in correctly to the cable box or the TV, this issue might be triggered. It is best to check for any loose cables or faulty cables which might be the cause of the error. Start by tightening the Coaxial Cable on the back of the box and also verify that the Signal Cable is plugged in tightly.
  • Signal Issue: The signal for the cable box might be too weak due to excessive splitters being installed. Splitters are devices that are used to split the connection into two or more. These splitters, in turn, weaken the signal that is being provided to the televisions and might end up triggering this error. It is best to check any accessible splitters and ensure that the number of splitters is minimized.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the nature of the problem, we will move on towards the solutions. Make sure to implement these in the specific order in which they are presented to avoid further escalation.

Solution 1: PowerCycling Devices

If there are certain issues with the devices involved in the connection, they might be due to a startup glitch or corrupt launch configurations. Therefore, in this step, we will be completely PowerCycling the devices by cutting off their power and getting rid of all the stored electricity. For that:

  1. Unplug the power from the TV, Cable Box, Router and any other device involved in the connection.
    Unplugging the devices from the power outlet
  2. Press and hold the power buttons on the devices one by one for at least 10 seconds each.
  3. Plug the power back in and connect the cables.
    plugging the Power cord Back in
  4. Wait for the devices to load properly and check to see if the issue persists.

Solution 2: Contacting Customer Support

The best bet towards solving this issue if the above method didn’t fix it is to contact customer support, brief them about your issue and have it fixed. You can contact the Xfinity Customer support here.


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