How to Fix error ‘’ has stopped

The error gapps appears as “the process has stopped” or “google.process.gapps has stopped unexpectedly.” Gapps stands for Google Apps. This error arises when the app in question is unable to connect to servers, times out, or is not in sync.

In this guide, I will list down two methods for you. In case the first one doesn’t work, try the second one, and that should work.

Method 1: Resetting Apps.

1. Go to settings.

2. Tap Application Manager or Apps

3. Tap “All” (if available) or slide to “All.

4. Tap the touch button to open the menu/properties, and choose either “Reset Apps” or “Reset App Preferences.” This action will not delete the apps; it will only reset them.


Method 2: Disable and Re-enable the Download Manager.

1. Go to settings.

2. Tap the ‘Apps‘ button.

3. Locate the Download Manager and open the App Details.

4. Disable it, then re-enable it, and test.

If your device has the option to refresh apps, then try this as well.

Method 3: Restart Google Framework Services.

1. Go to Settings and tap Apps.

2. Tap ‘All Apps’ or swipe to ‘All’, and then open the ‘Google Services Framework App‘.


3. Open App Details and tap ‘Force Stop‘, then tap ‘Clear Cache‘ and test.

Method 4: Reset/Restore your Android Device to its factory settings.

If none of the methods above work, then perform a factory reset on your device. Try a soft reset first, followed by a hard reset if the soft reset doesn’t work. To reset, check out the Android factory reset guide.

Method 5: SwiftKey.

The issue has been reported among SwiftKey users as well. If anyone has been using SwiftKey, try updating it to the latest version.

User-Suggested Methods:

I have an alternative method for those who have rooted their phones. Install ES Explorer (or any file manager with root permissions). Go to device/system/priv-app/gmscore.apk and install the gmscore.apk. This solved my problem, which persisted even after a hard reset. Let me know if this works for you.

I spoke with a Samsung technician. She advised me to remove the battery from the back of my Samsung S5 for a minute or two, replace the battery, and then turn the phone back on. The error message disappeared, and my phone is functioning properly now. – Patricia.


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