How to Do Small Caps in Microsoft Word?

Small Caps or Small Capitals are basically lowercase characters in Microsoft Word that resemble as uppercase letters. They are used to give importance to the text, but in a less dominant way than the all uppercase text. Most users use Microsoft Word for making different types of documents. There can be a time when a user will need to use the small caps in their documents. However, some users are unaware or don’t remember the options for Small Caps. In this article, we will show you the steps where you can find the Small Caps option and use it in your text.

Small Caps in Microsoft Word

Using Small Caps in Microsoft Word

Small Caps or Small Capitals are basically lowercase characters that resemble as uppercase letters. Small Caps are an option in Microsoft Word, which will change the lowercase letters of text to uppercase style. Users can still add the first letter extra capital by using the uppercase letters, but the remaining lowercase letters will only resemble as capital. You can easily toggle this feature on and off within a few clicks in the Font window. There are many fonts that already are in this style. Furthermore, there is also another option called All Caps, which will keep all the letters to uppercase.

  1. Open your Microsoft Word program by double-clicking the shortcut or searching it through the Windows search feature.
  2. Click on the File tab and choose the New to create a document or the Open option to open an existing document.
    Creating a new or opening an existing document
  3. Click on the Font window icon to open the Font window. Select the Small Caps option and click the Ok button as shown below.
    Choosing the Small Caps option in Word
  4. Now you can type lowercase letters with uppercase resemblance anywhere in the document.
  5. For an existing text and only specific text, select the text by left mouse click and grabbing it. Once the text is selected, go to the same Text window and toggle on the Small Caps option.
  6. You can also toggle on the All Caps option, which will make all the text capital for your document.
    All Caps option in the Word

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