How to Delete a Blank Page on Google Documents

Whether it’s MS Word, or Google Docs, when you add some content in such a document and press the enter key at the end of the text which is right at the end of a page, a new page is created automatically. Sometimes, that page is not needed for which users have to delete the page entirely without ruining the formatting of the text. Deleting the last empty page which is right at the end of all the content is much easier than deleting a blank page in the middle of a document without disrupting the format.

Here is how you can delete blank pages in both the circumstances as mentioned above.

Deleting a Blank Page at the End of the Document

1. Open your ‘Google Docs’ and add the content.

Adding your content to a Google Document

2. When you reach the end of page one for this example, or the last page in your document, and press enter, a new page will be created automatically.

When you reach the end of your page with content, there is a possibility that your text ends somewhere in the middle of the page. In that case, a new page will not be created. But when your content ends at the last line of the page, there are more chances of a blank page being created.

3. There are two ways to delete this page.
4. Number 1: To delete this empty page which is at the end of your document, click your cursor on the last page till the text icon/line appears as shown in the picture below.

The line showing on the blank page is what I am referring to as the ‘text line’ or ‘text icon’.

This is done to make sure that you are not on any other page. To delete a page, you need to have the text line on that specific page. Another thing that you need to be sure about is that the cursor is clicked on the first line of that page. Once you have done this, simply press the ‘backspace’ button on your keyboard. This will delete the last page and move the text line after the last word on the previous page.
5. Method number 2 to delete the last page is by clicking the cursor on the last line after the last word on that page as shown in the image below.
Once the text line appears, you will press the ‘delete’ button on your keyboard. The empty space of the blank page will be moved back and the empty page will be deleted.

Deleting a Blank Page in the middle of the Document

1. When you have a blank page in your document, this is how it looks like.

Blank pages don’t just appear at the end of your document, Sometimes, they are created mistakenly somewhere in the middle of the content.

In such a situation, you can follow the steps as mentioned in the above section, but that will be very time-consuming. You will probably have to keep pressing the backspace or delete button until your blank page is filled with the text on the next page. And technically, you’re not deleting the page but are just filling the empty space from the text within.

Pressing the backspace key or the delete key on these blank pages which are in the middle of your content pages will not delete the blank page but will adjust the text on the blank page.

2. To delete the blank page in between your content pages, you need to select the empty page by dragging your cursor like we do when we select a word or a sentence. Make sure that you select the whole blank page and go till the end. See how I have done this for my example sample.

Select the whole blank page from line one to the last bit. This is the only way to delete empty pages that are not at the end of the document.

3. Once the blank page has been selected, you will simply press delete or backspace on your keyboard and the black page will disappear like it was never there.

Just how we deleted the last page by pressing backspace and delete key on the keyboard, this method can also be used to delete a blank page entirely.

If you find all of the above options to delete an empty page on Google Docs difficult, there is one more thing which you can do to avoid creating a blank page in the first place. When you reach the end of your last content page, try to make sure that the sentence ends before a new page is automatically added below. And, when you add your last ‘period/full stop’ at the end, do not press the enter key on your keyboard. This will help you by not creating a new page.


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