How to: Completely Remove Office 2011 From Mac

Office 2011 doesn’t includes any built in uninstallers. In this guide, i will list down the steps you can take to completely uninstall Office 2011 from your MAC. There are two methods and you may proceed with the one you feel comfortable with.

Remove Office 2011 from Mac

Method 1: Uninstall via Our Uninstall Tool

Download and run the uninstall app. After you run the app, a dialog will appear which will prompt you to confirm removal. Click Continue when you see this. After it has completed, click OK. Then remove any office icons left in the dock Download Office 2011 Uninstall App

If you also have Office 2008, then follow these steps:

1. Open the Applications Folder from Finder
2. Locate and open the Office 2008 folder
3. Open Additional Tools
4. Go to Remove Office Folder
5. After it has opened, hit Continue and it will locate all versions of Office.
6. Once it has found versions of Office 2011 on your system, click Continue else Close the Application.

Method 2: Uninstall Manually

  1. Go to your Applications folder.
  2. Remove the “Microsoft Office 2011″ folder.
  3. Remove the “Microsoft Communicator” and “Microsoft Messenger” applications.
  4. Go to your home folder, then go to the Documents folder. Remove the “Microsoft User Data” and “RDC Connections” folders.
  5. Go to your home folder, open the Library folder and then open the Preferences folder.
  6. Remove the “Microsoft” folder.
  7. Remove any files beginning with “”.
  8. Go to the “/Library/Application Support” folder from your main hard drive and remove the “Microsoft” folder.
  9. Go to the “/Library/Preferences” folder and remove the “” file.
  10. Go to the “/Library/LaunchDaemons” folder from your main hard drive and delete the “” file.
  11. Go to the “/Library/PrivilegedHelperTools” folder from your main hard drive and delete the “” file.
  12. Go to the “/Library/Internet Plug-Ins” folder from your main hard drive and delete the “SharePointBrowserPlugin.plugin” and “SharePointWebKitPlugin.webplugin” files.
  13. Go to the “/Library/Receipts” folder from your main hard drive and delete the any files beginning with “Office2011_”.
  14. Whilst still browsing a folder, press cmd + Shift + G.
  15. Type in “/var/db/receipts/” and press Enter.
  16. Remove any files in the folder beginning with “” or “”.
  17. Go to the “/Library/Automator” folder from your main hard drive.
  18. If you don’t use the Automator application then you can delete all the files. Otherwise, delete the following files:
    Add Attachments to Outlook Messages.action
    Add Content to Word Documents.action
    Add Document Properties Page to Word Documents.action
    Add New Sheet to Workbooks.action
    Add Table of Contents to Word Documents.action
    Add Watermark to Word Documents.action
    Apply Animation to PowerPoint Slide Parts.action
    Apply Font Format Settings to Word Documents.action
    AutoFormat Data in Excel Workbooks.action
    Bring Word Documents to Front.action
    Close Excel Workbooks.action
    Close Outlook Items.action
    Close PowerPoint Presentations.action
    Close Word Documents.action
    Combine Excel Files.action
    Combine PowerPoint Presentations.action
    Combine Word Documents.action
    Compare Word Documents.action
    Convert Format of Excel Files.action
    Convert Format of PowerPoint Presentations.action
    Convert Format of Word Documents.action
    Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Movies.action
    Convert Word Content Object to Text Object.action
    Copy Excel Workbook Content to the Clipboard.action
    Copy PowerPoint Slides to the Clipboard.action
    Copy Word Document Content to the Clipboard.action
    Create List from Data in Workbook.action
    Create New Excel Workbook.action
    Create New Outlook Mail Message.action
    Create New PowerPoint Presentation.action
    Create New Word Document.action
    Create PowerPoint Picture Slide Shows.action
    Create Table from Data in Workbook.action
    Delete Outlook Items.action
    Find and Replace Text in Word Documents.action
    Flag Word Documents for Follow Up.action
    Forward Outlook Mail Messages.action
    Get Content from Word Documents.action
    Get Images from PowerPoint Slides.action
    Get Images from Word Documents.action
    Get Parent Presentations of Slides.action
    Get Parent Workbooks.action
    Get Selected Content from Excel Workbooks.action
    Get Selected Content from Word Documents.action
    Get Selected Outlook Items.action
    Get Selected Text from Outlook Items.action
    Get Text From Outlook Mail Messages.action
    Get Text from Word Documents.action
    Import Text Files to Excel Workbook.action
    Insert Captions into Word Documents.action
    Insert Content into Outlook Mail Messages.action
    Insert Content into Word Documents.action
    Insert New PowerPoint Slides.action
    Mark Outlook Mail Message as a To Do Item.action
    Open Excel Workbooks.action
    Open Outlook Items.action
    Open PowerPoint Presentations.action
    Open Word Documents.action
    Paste Clipboard Content into Excel Workbooks.action
    Paste Clipboard Content into Outlook Items.action
    Paste Clipboard Content into PowerPoint Presentations.action
    Paste Clipboard Content into Word Documents.action
    Play PowerPoint Slide Shows.action
    Print Excel Workbooks.action
    Print Outlook Messages.action
    Print PowerPoint Presentations.action
    Print Word Documents.action
    Protect Word Documents.action
    Quit Excel.action
    Quit Outlook.action
    Quit PowerPoint.action
    Quit Word.action
    Reply to Outlook Mail Messages.action
    Save Excel Workbooks.action
    Save Outlook Draft Messages.action
    Save Outlook Items as Files.action
    Save Outlook Messages as Files.action
    Save PowerPoint Presentations.action
    Save Word Documents.action
    Search Outlook Items.action
    Select Cells in Excel Workbooks.action
    Select PowerPoint Slides.action
    Send Outgoing Outlook Mail Messages.action
    Set Category of Outlook Items.action
    Set Document Settings.action
    Set Excel Workbook Properties.action
    Set Footer for PowerPoint Slides.action
    Set Outlook Contact Properties.action
    Set PowerPoint Slide Layout.action
    Set PowerPoint Slide Transition Settings.action
    Set Security Options for Word Documents.action
    Set Text Case in Word Documents.action
    Set Word Document Properties.action
    Sort Data in Excel Workbooks.action
  19. Remove all the shortcuts from the Dock.
  20. If you have other versions of Microsoft Office installed, it would be advisable to reinstall them.

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How to: Completely Remove Office 2011 From Mac

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