How to Convert a PDF File into an Editable PowerPoint Presentation

Anyone who has ever worked with a few PDF files will know that there is no native option in Adobe Reader (the most common PDF reader) to convert PDF files into other editable files such as those which can be opened and edited in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. That being the case, the only way to successfully edit a PDF file is to use Adobe Acrobat, if not a PDF editing program that is even more advanced.

There are a couple of ways which people can use to convert PDF files into, say, an editable PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) file. However, the converted PPT file resulting from these rather crude methods does not retain its native formatting from the converted PDF file, and sometimes doesn’t even have all of the content that the PDF file had. Thankfully, though there are a number of different applications out there that can be used to successfully convert a PDF file into an editable PPT file while making sure that the resulting PPT file retains all of the content and formatting from the original PDF file, and among the very best of these applications is Able2Extract Professional 10.

Able2Extract Professional 10 is a specialized application that has been designed to convert any PDF file into an editable file of another kind – from simple Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to much more complex AutoCAD files – without compromising on any content or formatting. If you want to use Able2Extract Professional 10 to convert a PDF file into a PPT (PowerPoint Presentation) file that you can then edit in Microsoft PowerPoint, you need to:

Click here and then click on Windows Download, MacOS Download or Linux Download (depending on the kind of Operating System that your computer has) to download an installer for Able2Extract Professional 10.

Once the Able2Extract Professional 10 installer has been downloaded, navigate to where it has been saved and launch it. Follow the onscreen instructions in the installer to install Able2Extract Professional 10.

Once the application has been successfully installed, launch

Click on Continue trial, unless you want to buy the full version (which is more than worth the money).

Click on Open.

Navigate to the directory in which the PDF file you want to convert into a PPT file resides, click on the PDF file to select it and click on Open.

Once the PDF file has been loaded into the application, select the content from the PDF file that you want to be present in the converted PPT file. If you want to simply select all of the content in the PDF file, press Ctrl + A, and then proceed with the next step. Unfortunately, if you’re using the trial version of Able2Extract Professional 10, you are only going to be able to convert 3 pages of a PDF file into PPT format per conversion, so you may need to convert a PDF file into a PPT file 3 pages at a time.

Once you have selected the content from the PDF file that you want to be converted into PPT format, click on PowerPoint under Convert to File Type in the ribbon at the top of the window and wait for the program to successfully convert the select content from the PDF file into a PPT file. Once the conversion is complete, the application will not only open the converted PPT file but will also make sure that it is automatically saved to your computer.


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