How to Change Default and Display Language in Windows 10

Switching to a newer product should be an easy process. Yet somehow, the switch from earlier Windows versions to Windows 10 is just not quite as smooth though. Issues pertaining to the default and input languages in Windows 10 have been widely reported. A typical case is whereby a user would like the display language to be the usual English but still have the input language to be different. This makes it easier for them to quickly use language–specific characters as well as preferred keyboard layouts. At boot time, the display language is usually the same as the default keyboard language. This essentially means that whenever the user wants to make input in their preferred language they have to change the keyboard or input language at every computer restart. But there is a way to solve this.

If your language is among the already – installed languages in Windows 10, you can directly make it to be the primary language. If not, there is a facility to download and install language packs in Windows 10.

NOTE: If your Windows 10 does not give you an option of changing languages, it is because you are using Windows 10 Home. Windows 10 Pro Pack however provides you with ability to integrate multiple languages.

Phase 1: Install your preferred language

Language installation is necessary if your choice of input language is not among the list of pre – installed languages on your edition of Windows 10. Here is how to do it:

Log into Windows 10 with Administrator credentials.

Click Start, and then select Settings.

On the appearing panel, move downwards to Time & Language.

On the left hand side, choose Region & language.

Now on the right hand side, identify Add a language and click on the plus (+) sign.

You can now see a new window showing you all the available languages that can be installed on your PC. They are alphabetically ordered.

Click the language you need and then the download will begin.

Phase 2: Setting up the primary language

Now your preferred language is available for choice. Here is how to make it the primary language;

Go back to the Time & language section of the settings panel.

Click on the language that has been newly installed (Hindi, German, Greek, etc.) There are three alternatives beneath it; Set as default, Options, and Remove.

Select Options and then click Download. This downloads the keyboard and language pack for that particular language.

Close all windows. Now navigate to Control Panel -> Languages. You will see the Windows display language followed by other installed languages. Next to the language that you installed, click on Options. Now set this language as the primary language.

display language windows 10

The advantage of having multiple languages listed in the language settings is that the spellchecker feature will recognize all of them. Pressing Windows + Space bar will switch between the languages’ keyboard.


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