How Good is Apple’s New DirectX 12 Toolkit?

Apple has made waves in the gaming community with the release of its game porting toolkit at WWDC2023. This free software has opened up a world of possibilities for Mac gamers by enabling them to run DirectX 12 games on Apple Silicon Macs for the very first time. While there are a few limitations, the results have exceeded expectations.

The game porting toolkit serves as a translation layer for developers, allowing them to bring DirectX 12 games to Apple’s Metal Graphics API. It’s important to note that the toolkit is intended for developers and not for general users or gamers. Nevertheless, many games have been tested and run surprisingly well, thanks to the raw power of Apple Silicon chips.

Surprisingly good performance

Games like Elden Ring showed some decent performance | Bandai Namco Entertainment

In a recent test by Andrew Tsai, certain DirectX 12 games were examined on Apple silicon Macs. Surprisingly, even demanding titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Diablo 4 demonstrated decent performance. Cyberpunk 2077 saw frame rates hover around 27-32 FPS on medium settings, while Diablo 4 managed to achieve 50-60 FPS at 1080p on the ultra-graphics preset.

Control, a game that previously faced difficulties on other platforms, ran smoothly on Apple silicon Macs. The Dead Space Remake also showcased good performance, with frame rates ranging from 35 to 45 FPS on the high graphics preset with balanced FSR mode, and even games like Elden Ring proved playable on higher-end Apple silicon Macs with optimized settings.

Hogwarts Legacy, another recent DirectX 12 game, runs smoothly on Apple Silicon Macs. With medium settings at 1440p and AMD FSR set to performance mode, players can enjoy a steady 30-35 FPS.

However, certain games fared worse than others. Spider-Man Remastered and Spider-Man Miles Morales, demanding games released in 2022, present challenges for Apple Silicon Macs. Achieving consistent frame rates has proven difficult, even on the powerful M1 Max chip. However, tweaks to graphics settings can provide a playable experience.

But on the other hand, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, a well-optimized game, runs flawlessly on Apple Silicon Macs. Players can enjoy a solid 70-85 FPS on high settings, showcasing the potential of Apple Silicon chips.

The availability of DirectX 12 games on Apple Silicon Macs represents a significant milestone. While performance may not match their PC counterparts due to the translation layers involved, Apple Silicon chips showcase their potential by delivering impressive gaming experiences. As Apple continues to optimize and refine its technologies, the future of gaming on Macs looks promising.


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