The Honor Magic V2 Takes Lead Against Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 by Becoming the Thinnest Foldable Mobile

Just over a month ago, Honor introduced the Magic V2, one of the most talked-about foldable smartphones on the market. Honor put some serious attention into the Magic V2, making it not only the thinnest folding phone but also a technological feat. To begin with, the phone’s hinge was made of titanium, making it, to the best of my knowledge, the only foldable phone on the market to use titanium for its hinge.

A little over a month later, the phone is back in the spotlight, this time in a comprehensive video showing the device being assembled, giving us a look at how everything falls into place, and honestly, it also shows just how advanced the Honor Magic V2 really is, when compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

It was put together by Zack from JerryRigEverything, who, rather than dismantling a phone, decided to put together an Honor Magic V2. You can see the video down below, and then we’ll go over the rest of the details:

The titanium hinge of the Honor Magic V2 makes the phone slimmer, lighter, and more robust. Additionally, two silicon-carbon batteries help Honor bring the phone’s profile down even further. Honour says the phone can withstand up to 400,000 folding cycles, which translates to folding it 100 times each year for a decade without affecting its performance. Obviously, you won’t keep using the same phone for a decade.

Honor Magic V2 Against Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Watching the phone transform from a collection of pieces into a fully functional foldable gadget is fascinating for the entire 8 minutes and 12 seconds of the video. After assembly, there are some fascinating differences between the Honor Magic V2 and the market-leading Galaxy Z Fold 5.

In comparison to the 14.91mm thickness of the Galaxy Z Fold 5, the Honor Magic V2 is noticeably thinner at 9.94mm. The Magic V2 weighs in at either 231 or 237 grammes, depending on the variant you choose, making it even more portable than the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s 253 grammes. What Honor has accomplished surprised myself, because it shows that even established brands like Samsung cannot rest on their pillows and continue to release only minor upgrades to their older smartphone models.

If you’re interested in purchasing an Honor Magic V2, you’ll be happy to know that it will be available worldwide beginning in September. So, make sure you look into that.

Source: JerryRigEverything


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