Hisense TV Remote not Working? Here’s How to Fix

Many users reported that, out of blue, the remote of the Hisense TV stopped working. In some cases, only some buttons of the remote stopped working.

Hisense TV Remote not Working?
Hisense TV Remote not Working Fix

A Hisense TV might not respond to a remote mainly due to the following factors:

  • Electromagnetic Interference: If there is electromagnetic interference in the TV’s room that nullifies the remote’s signal, then the remote may stop working.
  • Accessibility Features: Many accessibility features/apps (like RemoteNew) can block different remote functions and cause the issue under discussion.
  • Outdated TV’s Firmware: If the TV’s firmware is outdated, then its incompatibility with the remote may cause the non-functioning of the remote.
  • Corrupt Firmware of the TV: If the TV’s firmware is corrupt, then it may not properly parse the remote’s signal and cause the remote to stop working.

Check the Remote’s Operation

Before we try to troubleshoot the remote issues on the Hisense TV, it is better to check if the remote is working fine.

  1. Open the phone’s camera and point it to the transmitter point of the remote (usually, on the top).
  2. Now press any button on the remote and check if a red beam is shown in the phone’s camera. If so, then the remote is working fine and you may follow the methods discussed below to solve the issue.
    Check the Remote’s IR Through the Phone’s Camera
  3. If the phone’s camera does not show any signal from the remote’s transmitter, check if using a new pair of batteries solves the Hisense remote problem.

If the issue persists, thoroughly inspect the TV’s remote for a stuck button or forcefully press each button on the remote repeatedly, and afterward, check if that resolves the issue, otherwise, try a new remote. 

Perform a Cold Restart of the Hisense TV

The Hisense TV remote might not work due to a temporary glitch of the TV modules and performing a clod restart of the Hisense TV may solve the problem.

  1. Power off the Hisense TV and unplug the TV from the power source.
  2. Then unplug all HDMI and all other devices from the TV.
  3. Now remove the remote’s batteries and wait for 10 minutes.
  4. Then re-insert the batteries and re-plug the TV into the power source (do not re-insert the HDMI cables or any other TV).
  5. Now power on the TV and check if the remote is working fine.

If that did not work, check if relocating the TV solves the problem as electromagnetic interference can stop the infrared rays of the remote.  There are reported incidents where a router or refracted light of a door caused the issue.

Disable RemoteNow Accessibility Feature/App of the TV

The Hisense remote may not work with the TV if an accessibility feature (like RemoteNow) of the TV is interfering with the remote’s command. Here, disabling the problematic accessibility feature may solve the problem. As the remote is not working, you may use the physical buttons on the TV, Hisense TV app, Google Assistant app, or IR remote of the mobile (if supported) to perform the undermentioned steps.

  1. Launch the TV’s Settings and open Accessibility.
    Open Accessibility Settings of the Hisense TV
  2. Now disable the RemoteNow feature/app and check if the remote is working fine.
  3. If not, check if disabling all the Accessibility features in the TV’s settings may solve the problem.

Use the Menu Button of the Remote to Switch its Transmission Mode

Many of the Hisense TV remotes are multi-mode (e.g., Bluetooth, IR, etc.), and if the remote is operating in a different mode that the TV supports, then the remote might not work. Here, using the Menu button on the remote to switch the remote mode may solve the problem.

  1. Press and hold the Menu button (the button with three/two lines) on the remote.
  2. Wait (usually, around 5 seconds) and see if the TV responds to the remote.
    Long press the Menu Button of the Hisense TV Remote
  3. If not, again press/hold the Menu button for around 5 seconds and check if the Hisense remote is working fine.

Use The Hisense TV Setup Assistant to Configure the Remote

Hisense TV might not work with the remote if the TV and remote are not properly configured. Here, using the Hisense TV Setup assistant to configure the TV and remote may solve the problem.

  1. Launch the TV’s Settings and open Setup Assistant (or Setup Guide).
    Open the Settings of the Hisense TV
  2. Now follow the prompts on the screen to complete the setup and once done, check if the remote issue is resolved.

Update the Firmware of the Hisense TV to the Latest Build

An outdated firmware of the Hisense TV may cause the non-working of the TV’s remote as the firmware may have become incompatible with the remote. In this context, updating the firmware of the Hisense TV to the latest build may solve the problem.

  1. Launch the Settings of the TV and open Support.
    Open Support in the Settings of Hisense TV
  2. Now select System Update and click on Check Firmware Upgrade.
    Open System Update of the Hisense TV
  3. Once the TV’s firmware is updated, check if the Hisense TV remote is working fine.
    Check Firmware Upgrade of the Hisense TV

Reset the Hisense TV to the Factory Defaults

If the firmware of the Hisense TV is corrupt, then it may not respond to the remote commands and cause the issue at hand. In this scenario, resetting the TV to the factory defaults may solve the problem. Keep in mind that all the user data and applications will be wiped from the TV. If there are no physical buttons on the TV to factory reset it, you may use, Hisense TV app, Google Assistant app, or IR remote of the mobile

  1. Launch the TV’s Settings and select Device Preferences.
    Open Device Preferences of the Hisense TV
  2. Now open Reset and select Factory Data Reset.
    Open Reset in the Device Preferences of the Hisense TV
  3. Then, click on Erase Everything and enter the Hisense TV PIN (usually, 0000).
    Open Factory Data Reset of Hisense TV
  4. Now, wait till the process completes and the TV restarts.
    Erase Everything of Hisense TV
  5. Once done, re-setup the TV, and hopefully, it will be clear of the remote problem.
    Enter the PIN of the Hisense TV to Factory Reset it

If that did not work, then you may try the remote on another Hisense TV (If possible) or another remote (from a friend/family) to the problematic TV to find out which device is faulty. If the remote is faulty, then use a new remote and if the TV is faulty, then you may contact the Hisense support.


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