Intel Showcases 6th Gen ‘Granite Rapids’ Server CPUs Running DDR5-6400 Memory

Intel has recently showcased what appears to be their 6th generation ‘Granite Rapids‘ CPUs at the Intel Innovation 2022 Taipei event. Team blue’s response to AMD’s last-gen Milan is still no where to be seen. Whereas, AMD will launch their Genoa lineup on the 10th of November. Recently, it came to light that Intel is allegedly aiming for the 10th of Janaury to unveil the 4th generation Scalable Xeon CPUs codenamed ‘Sapphire Rapids‘.

Granite Rapids Showcased

The successor to Intel’s Emerald Rapids (5th Gen), Granite Rapids is planned for release sometime in 2024. The picture disclosed by benchlife shows a Xeon CPU running DDR5-6400 memory. Since Sapphire Rapids and Emerald Rapids do not support this memory speed, the only possible contender is Granite Rapids. The showcased test running DDR5-6400 memory is in a 1DPC (1 DIMM Per Channel) format.

Possible Granite Rapids CPU Running DDR5-6400 | benchlife

Intel is expected to bring major improvements with this lineup. As per current leaks, Granite Rapids will make use of the Birch Stream platform and will be fabricated on the Intel 3 process. Granite Rapids is Intel’s competitor to AMD’s Bergamo. This series will utilize the Redwood Cove microarchitecture with higher core counts, although we do not have a exact number at the moment. 

AMD on the other hand is aiming at a 128 core / 256 thread count with Bergamo. Intel may or may not end up matching these numbers. However, their recent comeback in the desktop segment is promising and thus Intel could clap back in the server department as well. 

So we feel very comfortable with that. We’re then working very closely — emerald goes into the Sapphire platform. So we’re working very closely with our customers on the timing there. The product is looking very healthy.

So we’re nicely on track. So that will be a ’23 product. And then Granite and Sierra Forest is the ’24 product. And just to remind everybody, this is a major new platform.

Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger

Series4th Gen Xeon5th Gen Xeon6th Gen Xeon
7th Gen Xeon
SocketSocket ESocket ETBCTBC
Release Year2023202320242025+
PlatformEagle StreamEagle StreamBirch StreamTBC
Core µArchGolden CoveRedwood CoveRedwood Cove?
Next Performance-Core
Fabrication NodeIntel 7Intel 7Intel 3TBC
Max L3 Cache112MB120MBTBCTBC
Memory Support8x DDR5-48008x DDR5-56008x DDR58x DDR5
HBM Supportup to 64GB HBM2eYesYesYes
PCI ExpressPCIe 5/4, 80 lanesPCIe 5.0, 80 lanesPCIe 5.0PCIe 6.0
CXL SupportGen1Gen1Gen2Gen3
Vector EnginesAVX-512/FMA2AVX-1024/FMA3?AVX-1024/FMA3?
AMD CounterpartMilanGenoaBergamoTurin

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