Intel to Launch HEDT Sapphire Rapids Server Oriented Lineup On The 10th Of January

After an extremely long wait, Intel is finally planning to launch their 4th Gen Scalable Xeon lineup. Codenamed ‘Saphire Rapids‘, this series is Intel’s response to AMD’s Milan. Though, as many are aware team red’s Genoa is planned for announcement on the 10th of November. This is still a major news because Sapphire Rapids was delayed to 2023 with no hinted release date.

Sapphire Rapids Inbound

Andreas Schilling on Twitter announced that Intel will host an event on the 10th of Jaunary to unveil Sapphire Rapids. As per the source, these HEDT SKUs have met qualification standards causing Intel to speed up the development.

A while back, Intel stated that their ‘Intel 7‘ process is quote unquote “healthy”. This is a contradicting statement because Sapphire Rapids, based on the same process has seen various delays. 

One thing I didn’t mention on Sapphire, it sits on – it’s on our 7-nanometer node and so the process is quite healthy. In fact Alder Lake, which is our client product ramped 15 million units. I think we announced at Q1 earnings, which makes that the fastest ramping, you know one of the fastest ramping client products in almost a decade.


Sapphire Rapids

Intel’s Sapphire Rapids is the successor to the 3rd gen Ice-Lake based HEDT lineup. These CPUs are fabricated on the Intel 7 process and go up to a max of 56 cores. Sapphire Rapids will support the latest PCIe Gen 5.0 and DDR5 memory. Based on the ‘Eagle Stream‘ platform, it will also be compatible with Intel’s yet to be announced Emerald Rapids CPUs.   

Series4th Gen Xeon5th Gen Xeon6th Gen Xeon
7th Gen Xeon
SocketSocket ESocket ETBCTBC
Release Year2023202320242025+
PlatformEagle StreamEagle StreamBirch StreamTBC
Core MicroarchitectureGolden CoveRedwood CoveNext Performance-Core
Next Performance-Core
Fabrication ProcessIntel 7Intel 7Intel 3TBC
Max L3 Cache112MB120MBTBCTBC
Memory Support8x DDR5-48008x DDR5-56008x DDR58x DDR5
HBM Supportup to 64GB HBM2eYesYesYes
PCI ExpressPCIe 5/4, 80 lanesPCIe 5.0, 80 lanesPCIe 5.0PCIe 6.0
CXL SupportGen1Gen1Gen2Gen3
Vector EnginesAVX-512/FMA2AVX-1024/FMA3?AVX-1024/FMA3?
AMD CounterpartMilanGenoaBergamoTurin

(Data Via Videocardz)


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