Google Wi-Fi Flashing Orange? Try these Fixes

Google Wi-Fi is a top-notch product line of home Wi-Fi range by Google. This product range has different lighting patterns to let a user identify different states of the product. One such lightening state is flashing orange that usually, means there is no Internet. But the issue deepens when the Google Wi-Fi keeps flashing orange even in the presence of the Internet connection.

Google Wi-Fi Flashing Orange? Try these Fixes
Google Wi-Fi Flashing Orange Fix

Here are some reasons why this issue might occur:

  • No Internet Connection from ISP or Router’s Malfunction: If there is no Internet available or the router (e.g., Asus OnHub) in use has become incompatible with Google Wi-Fi, then Google Wi-Fi will indicate non-availability of the Internet by flashing orange.
  • Corrupt Firmware of the Google Wi-Fi Point: If Google Wi-Fi points have firmware that has been corrupt by the latest firmware update, then Google Wi-Fi may fail to properly register the availability of Internet and flash orange.
  • Google Wi-Fi Point Gone Bad: If the Google Wi-Fi point has gone bad due to a hardware malfunction, then it may not detect the Internet and start flashing orange.

Reset Google Wi-Fi to Factory Defaults

Google Wi-Fi may keep flashing orange if its firmware is corrupt and it cannot detect the presence of the Internet. In such a case, resetting the Google Wi-Fi to factory defaults may solve the problem. But before doing that make sure the Internet is working fine by plugging directly the Internet cable into a PC/laptop.

Reset Through the Google Home App

The reset process should be initiated on the Google Home app as it will erase the settings on the primary puck or router and will not cause conflict when the affected puck is re-added to the network.

  1. Launch the Google Home app and open the affected Wi-Fi point.
  2. Now select Settings and tap on Factory Reset Wi-Fi Point.
  3. Then select Factory Reset and head to the affected node to reset it as discussed below.
    Factory Reset the Wi-Fi Point

Reset the Google Wi-Fi Point

  1. Switch off the Google Wi-Fi and unplug it from the power source.
  2. Now push the reset button on the Google Wi-Fi and power it on.
    Reset Button of Google Wi-Fi
  3. Wait until its light turns blue (it may take around 45 seconds) and immediately, release the reset button.
  4. Now, wait till the Google Wi-Fi starts pulsating blue (around 10 minutes) and set it up using Wi-Fi (not wired).
  5. Then check if that resolves the flashing orange issue. You may have to search for a new Wi-Fi point in the Google Home app or scan the QR code on the point.
  6. If that did not do the trick, check if renaming the room (where the Wi-Fi point will be located) in the Google Home app solves the problem.
  7. If the issue persists, reset all the Google Wi-Fi devices in the network to the factory defaults and check if the flashing orange issue is cleared.
  8. If that did not work, reset all the Google Wi-Fi nodes and switch the problematic device as primary or vice versa.
  9. Then set up other Wi-Fi nodes as secondary and check if that clears out the orange flashing light issue.

If the issue continues, then connect the problematic Wi-Fi point to a working Wi-Fi point and check if setting up the problematic Wi-Fi point through the working point solves the problem.

Perform a Cold Restart of the Router

Google Wi-Fi might show the flashing orange light due to a temporary communication glitch of the network or if the router cannot unregister the old Google Wi-Fi point. In this case, performing a cold restart of the router and other networking equipment may solve the problem.

  1. Firstly, factory reset the problematic Wi-Fi point and then power off the router/modem.
    Unplug Router from the Power Source
  2. Now power off other networking equipment/Wi-Fi points and then unplug the Ethernet cables from the router/networking equipment.
  3. Then wait for 10 minutes and after that reconnect the Ethernet cables to the respective devices.
  4. Now power on the router and let its lights stabilize.
  5. Then, power on the problematic Google Wi-Fi point and check if it can connect to the router.
  6. If that did not work, check if restarting the network from the Google Wi-Fi (or Google Home app) solves the problem.
    Restart Network from the Google Home App
  7. If the issue persists, check if using the old network settings (i.e., same SSID, router, device configuration, etc.) solves the problem.
  8. If the issue is still there, check if removing a non-Google device (like Asus OnHub) from the network solves the problem.

If that did not work, then you may contact Google support as the Wi-Fi point have gone bad.


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