How to Fix “Network Error Code: 4206” on Genshin Impact?

There is a large amount of audience of Genshin Impact has reported this error on multiple forums, Error code 4206 is mainly a Network error but there could be another reason which is causing this 4206 error, Mostly this error occurs when you’re launching the game.

Error Code 4206 on Genshin Impact

The game will show you only one option and you can’t do anything other than press confirm, There is nothing to worry about you can solve this issue by some simple method shown below:-

  • Server Outage – It is one of the most common causes of this error. it is possible that their servers are under maintenance or down for some other reason, you can check the Server Status by going on the Downdetector website.
  • Incorrect Network Settings – If their servers are not down it’s possible that your network configuration is not optimal and something is causing this issue. we can simply reset our network settings to get to the root of this issue.
  • Using VPN – This issue can also occur if have a custom proxy setup or you are using some sort of VPN, if you’re using a VPN while playing this game VPN will change your IP, and sometimes game servers will simply reject the IP because it is possible that it is being used by someone. We can simply disable VPN to check that this is the cause of this error.
  • Blocked by ISP – It is also possible that the game servers are blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). In that case, you need to contact your ISP to fix this error.
  • IP Banned –  Some users also reported that they are facing this issue when their VPN is Off but their game works when VPN is turned On in that case you might have been IP Banned by Genshin Impact. Then you will have to contact Genshin Impact to figure out what is happened.

Powercycle your Internet Router

There is a chance that your Internet router is causing this network connection error, You can follow this method to Restart your Internet router

  1. Switch off your internet router for 10 to 15 seconds
  2. Then turn it on 

If you’re still getting the 4206 error then you can follow the methods shown below.

Check Game Server Status

Game Server can also cause error 4206 because the server could be in maintenance or down for some other reasons, By checking the Server status you can check that there is no issue from the Game server and try other methods to solve it.

Here are the steps to check Genshin Impact Server Status:-

  1. Go to the Downdetector website
    Downdetector website
  2. Search for Genshin Impact
    Genshin impact Server Status Graph
  3. Here you can see all the Outages which is reported in the last 24 hours

Run Game as an Administrator

It might seem a simple fix but a lot of users reported that running the game as an administrator fixes their issue or guesses is that it has to do something with accessing the firewall settings anyways you can try this fix and check that works for you. Simply right-click on your game icon and Run as administrator but running the game as an administrator every time might be annoying so we are going to show you how to always run your game as an admin.

Here are the steps to How to run your game as an admin every time:-

  1. Right-click on your game icon and then go to properties
  2. Here click on the Compatibility tab
    Click on the Compatibility tab
  3. Now just check the Run this program as an administrator box and then hit apply and ok
    Check Run this program as an administrator box

Update your Game

Running an old version of Genshin impact can also cause this 4206 error, The version you are playing this game on could also come up with the bug of 4206 and it got patched, By updating the game you will also get the new patch.

Here are the steps to Update your Game:-

  1. Run Genshin Impact launcher, if there is an update available a pop up will come up 
  2. If you missed the pop-up or you closed it by mistake there is nothing to worry about the update button should be visible
    Click on Update
  3. Click on the Update button and your game will start to get updating
  4. Now just restart your launcher and you’re good to go.

Change your DNS

DNS or Domain Name System is basically a database of IP addresses, If you’re having some issues while using the internet or facing internet Lag in some Online games like Genshin Impact try Changing your DNS, and hopefully, it will get resolved

To Change your DNS you can check our detailed guide here.

Select the Right Server for your Region

If you usually play with your overseas friends maybe you’re playing on their region server, Playing on a different server can add some delay and can cause this 4206 error pop up

Here are the steps to Change your Region in-game:-

  1. Open your Genshin Impact Launcher and then open the game
  2. after opening the game you’ll see a server option under the Start button
    Click on this Dropdown option
  3. Now just select your region and start your game
    Select Your Region

Change your Windows Firewall Setting

Windows Firewall can block the certain connections of Genshin Impact, which can cause this 4206 network error, there is nothing to worry about, you can easily fix this issue by changing the Windows Firewall setting just follow our steps and change your Firewall setting

Here are the steps to change your Windows Firewall Setting:-

  1. Go to your start menu and open your windows settings
  2. Now go to the Update and security option 
    Click on Update & Security option
  3. Then go to Windows Security and click on Firewall & Network protection
    Click On Firewall & network protection
  4. A new window will open, Now Click on Allow an app through the Firewall option
    Click on Allow an app through firewall
  5. Again a new window will open, Here you have to click on Change settings otherwise nothing will change
    Click on Change settings
  6. After clicking on the change setting option scroll down a bit and click on add another app option
    Click on Allow another app
  7. Now browse for the Genshin Impact/Launcher.exe file and Add this file to the List
  8. After adding this file Click on Network types and Check both of the options Private and Public
    Check both of these boxes

Turn Off your VPN

Playing Genshin Impact with VPN on can also cause this 4206 network error, Try switching this off,
If your playing this game on a public Network or Wifi it will also give you this 4206 network error, Try switching to Private Network or Wifi

Tun Off Proxy Settings

If Genshin Impact still showing you a 4206 network error after turning your VPN off, Try turning off your proxy settings By disabling Proxy settings you will remain on your original IP, and never cause you any network issue

Here are the steps to Turn Off your Proxy settings:-

  1. Go to your Windows settings and then look for Network and Internet Option and Click on it
    Click on Network & Internet
  2. Here you can see a Proxy option on the Left click on it
    Click on Proxy
  3. After clicking on the Proxy option Turn off the Automatically detect settings option
    Turn Off Automatically detect settings
  4. Scroll down a bit and also Turn Off the Use a Proxy server option
    Turn Off Use a proxy server

Disable your Antivirus (Temporary)

Sometimes your antivirus disables some ports of your internet and can cause this 4206 network connection error, you can check that your game is working after disabling the Antivirus if yes just disable your antivirus every time when you’re playing your game Genshin Impact.

To disable your antivirus you can check our detailed guide here.

Reset your Windows Network Settings

There is also an option to fix this error code 4206 by resetting your Windows Network Settings, Resetting your Windows Network will Uninstall all the network adapters and Reinstall them on your computer

Here are the steps to Reset your Windows Network Settings:-

  1. Go to your Windows settings and Click on the Network & Internet option
    Click on Network & Internet
  2. Then click on the Status section 
    Click on Status
  3. Now look for the Network reset option and click on it, then click on Reset now
    Click on Network reset
  4. It will reset your Network settings automatically and restart your computer automatically
    Click on Reset now

If none of these methods didn’t fix your problem try contacting Genshin Impact support they will help you to fix the issue you’re facing or you can try contacting your ISP and tell them to reset the Network


Muhammad Zubyan

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