NVIDIA RTX 50 ‘Blackwell’ GB202 GPU Will Feature 192 SMs Alongside a Massive 512-Bit Memory Interface, Claims Renowned Leaker

Kopite has finally spilled the beans regarding NVIDIA’s next generation of GeForce and data-center GPUs. These rumors reaffirm almost everything that has been leaked before. The leaker has shared the GPU configuration of GB202 and GB100, both of which are top-end GeForce and data-center dies respectively.

GB202 Features 192 SMs & A 512-Bit Memory Bus

It is pertinent to note that in Blackwell, the GB20X wildcard is reserved for the consumer GeForce products. In contrast, the GB10X family indicates data-center Blackwell GPUs.

Kopite alleges that GB100 will feature 8 GPCs, within each of which we find 10 TPCs. Assuming each TPC has 2 SMs, this equates to 160 SMs. Likewise, it can be said that each GPC contains 20 SMs. Now if we presume that the 128 CUDA-core count per SM remains constant, GB100 may host 20480 CUDA/FP32 cores.

Furthermore, GB202, the more mainstream centric die is leaked to ship with 12 GPCs. Each GPC has 8 TPCs and each TPC should have 2 SMs. This sums up to 192 SMs (12 GPCs x 8 TPCs x 2 SMs) or 24576 CUDA cores. Regular readers will know that this is in line with what panzerlied revealed a while back.

In the same thread, Kopite reports that GB100 and GB202 will include a 8192-bit and a 512-bit memory bus respectively. The latter is of greater importance as it coincides with multiple sources. Should NVIDIA resort to GDDR7, the 512-bit interface allows for 48GB of memory and a bandwidth of up to 2 TB/s.

  • GB100 (Data Center) = 160 SMs | 20480 CUDA Cores | 8192-bit Memory Bus
  • GB202 (Gaming) = 192 SMs | 24576 CUDA Cores | 512-bit Memory Bus | 48GB of G7 Memory

Performance & Release Date

Since neither of the aforementioned chips has been taped out yet, it is very difficult to determine the performance. Initial leaks tout the RTX 5090 as up to 1.7x faster than the RTX 4090, the verification of which is not possible.

As for the release date, a leaked roadmap suggests that the RTX 50 series is slated to arrive in early 2025. On the flip side, we have heard from multiple other sources that Blackwell may launch sooner than 2025. Expect more accurate leaks and rumors in 2024, when the chips are likely to enter production.

Source: Kopite


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