NVIDIA to Launch the RTX 50 Series of GPUs in 2025

NVIDIA unveiled its RTX 40 series of GPUs, better known as Ada Lovelace just last year. The company follows a 2-year cadence. Consequently, the next generation after Ada Lovelace was planned to arrive in late 2024. However, thanks to a new roadmap shared by HardwareLuxx, it seems that the RTX 50 series will launch sometime in 2025.

RTX 50 to Arrive in 2025

Last year, NVIDIA unveiled Hopper, a key ingredient in its 1 Trillion dollar journey. After a few months, Jensen renewed the GeForce family of consumer GPUs with Ada Lovelace. In early 2023, we saw the launch of Grace Hopper (CPU+GPU) and the Grace CPU.

The successor to Hopper is said to arrive in Q1 2024, which is not that far. However, Ada Lovelace-Next (RTX 50) has been pushed back to near Q1 2025. Resultantly, the RTX 50 will launch later than we initially expected.

NVIDIA GPU/CPU/DPU Roadmap | HardwareLuxx

While this may concern many, if we do a quick sanity check, the difference is no more than a few months. So does this mean that Jensen will soon unveil a new RTX 40 Super lineup? It may very well be possible. However, due to extremely low demand, Ada Lovelace just isn’t selling that well.

Similarly, there has been a large outcry regarding NVIDIA’s new pricing and naming structure. There is potential that NVIDIA could lower prices as we move towards 2024. Should AMD announce a refresh of RDNA3, we might see an RTX 40 Super refresh. But until then, everything is just speculation.

Besides, we still do not have a name for the 50-series. Hopper-next is called ‘Blackwell‘, but that is a server-grade product. Since Blackwell and the RTX 50 series are almost 1 year apart, both lineups could utilize completely different architectures.

Source: HardwareLuxx


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