GameStop Experiences a Data Breach, Customer Private Information Leaked Through Website

[UPDATE]: In response to VGC, the GameStop Customer Care staff said that the addresses and names that appeared in consumers’ accounts were only used for testing purposes and were “not actual customer data“.

Customers’ billing addresses and payment histories may have been exposed after a data breach at the retailer GameStop. On Saturday, clients were allegedly seeing other users’ details while refreshing their purchase pages, according to many people on social media. Although one person posted a picture of a partial credit card number, it’s unclear whether this also contains entire digits.

In the end, there seems to have been a bug in GameStop’s user database, where customers were unintentionally accessing and/or updating their information and viewing names, orders, addressees, and maybe even credit card information for other GameStop users. Though it doesn’t necessarily seem to be prevalent, a few individuals have posted reports of it online.

It seems that this is taking each anytime the page is refreshed, in addition to while checking the status of orders or navigating to other parts of the website. It seems that enough information, including phone numbers, addresses, and other details, may have been compromised for GameStop to feel compelled to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the matter. In light of the severity of the security flaw, GameStop should preferably resolve the issue right this second; yet, it is essential to bear in mind.

There is no doubt that a large number of individuals might end up financially better off as a result of this data breach, but those who put their faith in the general goodwill of others can find themselves locked out of these accounts and scrambling to properly enter into their very own.


Muhammad Zuhair

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