Fix: Unspecified Error ‘League of Legends’

League of Legends clients has a notorious history of displaying errors which may seem to be quite difficult to handle if you are not so familiar with the game. Even people who have played the game for years sometimes struggle to figure out what may be causing the problem with their League of Legends clients because the error messages which are displayed on your screen are usually not so informative. There are some online forums where people share their problems and other people post their solutions but you never know it if it’s going to work.

Error Occurring When You Try to Update to 6.21

Some folks have reported that the game simply won’t update to the 6.21 version automatically and this issue can also occur in several other patches of the game. When people who want to update to this version open the League of Legends client, an error message appears which says: “Unspecified error has occurred. Please check the logs for more information.” This can be quite annoying because there are no real clues to what to do in order to repair the game. That is why we have made a small list of possible solutions which worked for some people.

Use a VPN to Run the Game

Using a VPN can be a tricky deal and you should always consult with your network provider in order to check whether using a VPN is okay. Using a VPN is also illegal in some countries so make sure you look upon this. Various people have reported that using a VPN to run the game made it work and you should also know that you can close the VPN program after the game successfully launches since you won’t need it anymore.

Adding a VPN connection in Windows 10

Reinstall the Game on Another Drive

Almost any problem regarding any game can be fixed simply by reinstalling it. We are aware of the fact that some people struggle with a slow Internet connection but this option is foolproof and it usually gets the job done. Since League of Legends data is tied to your account, you shouldn’t worry about losing your progress or similar.

If a simple reinstall doesn’t cut it, you should try installing the game on another drive if you have two internal storage devices or if your single physical storage device has been partitioned into two or more parts.

Disable or Uninstall Your Antivirus Software

Antivirus programs are notorious for their tendency to interfering with your online activities in particular. Antivirus software sometimes does not recognize where the connection is coming from, especially if you are using Peer To Peer option to download updates. Firstly, try disabling your antivirus software before you launch the game and check whether it’s launching.

Sometimes disabling your antivirus won’t help at all and some folks have suggested that uninstalling their antivirus software completely helped launch the game. However, you should know that you really need your antivirus software and be sure to reinstall it as soon as you are able to launch the game since you definitely don’t want to leave your computer vulnerable.

You can disable Windows Defender by turning off Real-time protection

Try Running the Patcher Manually

Updating League of Legends can sometimes definitely take a while, especially if you receive errors like this on a regular basis. Luckily, you don’t always have to rely on automatic updates to patch your game since Riot has decided to implement an executable file which will try to patch your game manually if the game client is malfunctioning.

In order to locate this patcher, open: League of Legends (where you installed the game) >> RADS >> projects >> lolpatcher >> releases >> (look for folder with numbers in its name) >> deploy. You should be able to see a file called “LoLPatcher.exe” in the “deploy” folder. Run it and you should be able to update to 6.21.


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