Fix: Ordinal Not Found Error on Windows 7, 8 and 10

When installing Samsung Kies or Smart Switch applications or certain games, you may get the module error “The ordinal 12404 could not be located in the dynamic link library mfc90u.dll” or other paths or libraries. This error prevents you from installing Kies 3 or Smart Switch on your PC and certain games.

This error comes as a result of the absence of Visual C++ Redistributable Packages, which is a requirement for the suite to be installed. This can be solved by installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package.

This article will guide you on how to install the Visual C++ Redistributable Package to remove the dynamic link library error.

Method 1: Installing Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package

  1. Download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable to your computer. Click here for the 32-bit version or here for the 64-bit version.
  2. Select your Language and then click Download.
  3. Open the download folder and run vc_redist.x64.exe or vc_redist.x86.exe as an administrator.
  4. Follow the prompts to install the application to your computer.
  5. Reboot your PC and retry installing Samsung Kies or Smart Switch.

If installing the 64-bit version didn’t work, try the 32-bit version.

Method 2: Updating Windows

If you already have Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package, but the issue still persists, you may have to update Windows to apply any updates that may have been made to the package.

  1. Click on the Start Button and type ‘Windows Updates’ and then select “Check for updates” or “Windows Updates” depending on your version of Windows.
  2. Click ‘Check for Updates’ and then wait while Windows searches for updates for your PC. Windows will automatically start downloading and installing the updates once there are new ones. If automatic updates are disabled, proceed to the next step.
  3. If there are updates, you’ll see a message telling you that important or optional updates are available, or telling you to review important or optional updates, click the message to view the updates to install.
  4. Enable the checkboxes for the updates under “Important” and “Optional”, and then click Install.
  5. Once the updates are installed, try installing Kies or Smart Switch again or the game.


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