What is FamilyTreeNow & How to Find Your Ancestors On It

Key Takeaway:
  • FamilyTreeNow is a free website that helps users trace their family history and look up people. The platform gathers its information from public records and other publicly accessible sources.
  • To search on FamilyTreeNow, head to the website, click "Search", input relevant information, and then click "View Details" to access a person's data or create family trees.
  • FamilyTreeNow has faced scrutiny for sharing detailed personal data without individual consent, raising concerns about user privacy and potential misuse of information.

The internet is a wealth of information, assisting with tasks, studies, and keeping in touch with family and friends. It supports learning, income generation, and business startups, acting as a reliable assistant for various needs.

Moreover, it can connect you with your ancestral roots! With people search sites like FamilyTreeNow, you can explore your heritage. It is a very popular genealogy, and people search website with the option of creating a family tree.

Many users have already shared their family histories on the site. But is your information safe on such websites, especially FamilyTreeNow, and should you use it? All this will be answered in this comprehensive guide.

What is FamilyTreeNow?

What is FamilyTreeNow
What is FamilyTreeNow?

FamilyTreeNow is a no-cost website that helps you trace your family history and look up people. The site promotes itself as a tool where you can discover family members you might not know about and craft your own family tree.

While it might seem like they have a lot of details about people, FamilyTreeNow assures users that all information comes from public records and other sources open to everyone.

If you search for someone on FamilyTreeNow.com, you can get various things about them, including names, possible family members, their age, people they might know, where they live now and in the past, their phone numbers, and their email addresses.

Is FamilyTreeNow legit?

Is FamilyTreeNow legit?

FamilyTreeNow is a free service, but is the information valuable and accurate? Is it reliable for reaching out to or confirming details about someone you find? The service gets its information from public records, much like other search tools that help find people. So, it’s a handy spot for finding details about people already in the open.

However, the site became a bit famous because it shared much personal info about people without asking them first. It was like a search tool for finding people, handing out details like where they live, who their family is, and more, which made some folks uneasy about privacy.

Because of worries about how the information might be used wrongly, many people felt nervous about their details being so easy to find.

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How to find someone through FamilyTreeNow?

Finding someone on FamilyTreeNow is straightforward. If you’re eager to explore your family history or just want to know more about relatives, this platform is a good start. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to the top of the webpage and click “Search.”
    Click on Search
    Open the Search tab
  2. Enter the relevant information into the search fields.
    Click Search
    Click Search
  3. To see more about someone, click” View Details” next to “Find people” or “Filter Results” at the bottom to narrow your search.
    click View Details
    Click View Details

Note: Choose the add more criteria (Add more conditions) To enable other search fields such as country of birth, relative’s name, country, and the person’s date of death.

You can choose to see information from census records, death records, living people, or member-contributed family trees. All of this person’s information from FamilyTreeNow.com is on the following page.

    How to remove yourself from FamilyTreeNow

    Do you want to take your details off FamilyTreeNow? It’s easy. Just follow these steps:

    1. Visit https://www.familytreenow.com/privacy and click the first “Here” button at the top for those who want to opt-out.
      click the first Here
      Click the first Here
    2. Look for your name by putting the details.
    3. Find your name from the list and click the “Opt-Out” button.
      Click Opt Out button
      Click Opt Out button

    And you’re done. Your details should disappear from the site within the next 48 hours.

    FamilyTreeNow vs closest competitor

    FamilyTreeNow is popular for helping people trace their family roots and find information about others. But it’s not alone; other sites are doing similar things. Let’s take a quick look at three other services that are also big names of this type:

    1. Ancestry.com

    Ancestry Homepage
    Ancestry Homepage

    Ancestry.com is a big name in the world of family history websites. It gives you tools to track down your ancestors, offers access to many old records, and lets you do DNA tests to find family connections. But remember, it’s not free. It’s all about getting into your family’s past rather than finding living people.

    2. MyHeritage

    MyHeritage homepage

    This one has a similar touch to Ancestry.com. Building a family tree, studying historical documents, and adding DNA testing to the mix are all made easier with MyHeritage.

    So, you learn about your family history and find relatives you might not know you have through DNA matches. Again, this isn’t a tool for finding information on living folks.

    3. Spokeo

    Spokeo homepage

    Spokeo is different from the first two. It’s not about ancestors but about finding information on living people. It pulls together data from public records, social media, and other spots to give a full picture of a person. People use it to check someone’s background, find lost friends or family, and for other searching needs.

    Tips for enhancing your privacy regarding websites like FamilyTreeNow

    Tips for enhancing your privacy
    Tips for enhancing your privacy

    Everyone wants to keep their private info safe on sites like FamilyTreeNow. Here are some tips on how you can do this:

    • Limit public information: Think twice before you post personal stuff online, whether it’s on social media, forums, or any website. Less is more when it comes to sharing.
    • Regularly check people’s search sites: Check whether your details have been posted on popular sites where people look up others. If yes, ask the site to remove it.
    • Tighten your privacy settings: Websites and apps let you decide who sees your details. Check to see that you have those settings as strict as possible.
    • Be careful with quizzes: Do you love taking surveys and quizzes online? Some of them are hidden and only want your private information. Be careful.

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    Final Thoughts

    FamilyTreeNow is a free tool that helps you learn about your family and find relatives. But remember, keeping your private info safe is super important. Be careful with what you share online, check people-search sites occasionally, use privacy tools on social media, and watch out for tricky online quizzes.

    Don’t forget to watch changes to privacy rules on the sites where you share your details. Exploring your family history is exciting, but keeping your information safe is even better. With these tips, you can enjoy getting into your past confidently and safely!


What is FamilyTreeNow?

FamilyTreeNow is a free site to look up family history and personal info, pulling from public records and other free-to-access sources.

How does FamilyTreeNow access its information?

This site collects data from places with public records and other free sources. This means you can find lots of different info with just one search.

Why was FamilyTreeNow controversial?

Some people were concerned because the site shared many personal details about people, like where they live and who they’re related to, without asking for permission first.

How can I protect my personal information online?

Be careful with what you share online, check sites like FamilyTreeNow regularly to see if your info is there, use the privacy tools on social media, be careful with online quizzes, and always keep up with the privacy rules on different websites.


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