How to Export a Contact Group from Outlook 2010

Outlook is a pretty neat program for storing all of your contacts in, which is why many people store the hundreds and even thousands of contacts they have in Outlook’s Address Book. However, sometimes, a user may need to export some (not all) of the contacts in their Outlook Address Book to a text file. On the surface, it seems like Outlook 2010 only allows users to export their entire Address Book and not just a group of contacts. However, that is not the case, as it is entirely possibly to export a specific group of contacts from Outlook 2010 out of the many contacts that are saved in the application’s Address Book.

If you want to export a specific group of contacts from your Outlook 2010 Address Book, all you need to do is export a Distribution List containing all of the contacts you want to export into a text (.TXT) file, open than file in Excel and then save it as a .CSV file. If you want to export a specific group of contacts from Outlook 2010, you need to:

Launch Outlook 2010.

Locate and open the Distribution List that contacts the Outlook 2010 contacts you want to export.

Click on File > Save as…

Name the file whatever you want, but be sure to set the Save as type: to Text Only (*.txt) using the dropdown menu, chose a directory to save the text file in and then click on Save.

Launch Excel

Press Ctrl + O to launch the Open Ensure that the Files of type: field has All Files selected in its dropdown menu.

Navigate to the directory where you saved the text file containing the contacts you want to export from Outlook 2010 in Step 4, locate the text file in the directory, click on it to select it and then click on Open. Doing so will launch Excel’s Text Import Wizard.

On the Step 1 of 3 screen of the Text Import Wizard, set the value for Start import at row: to either 4 or 5 (you should occupy at least 4 rows) but leave all of the other values to as they are, and click on Next. Click on Next on the next screen and then on Finish on the one after that, reviewing one screen just to be sure before proceeding to the next one.

Once you click on Finish, the Distribution List will be successfully opened in Excel, after which you can save it as a .CSV file, thereby completing the export of the contact group from Outlook 2010. To save the Distribution List as a .CSV file, press Ctrl + S, navigate to the directory where you want the .CSV file to be saved, set the Save as type: to CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv), name the file whatever you want and then click on Save.


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