How to Fix Error Code 31-4302 on Genshin Impact?

This error is originated from a data error. In other words, this error means that the game is not able to collect data that was previously being used. This error appears when you launch the game. Sometimes this can occur while you are playing.

Error Code 31-4302

You are then left with only one option which is the continue button. If you decide to continue, you can not access your settings and you cannot even see your in-game characters. This can be a serious bummer for the people who have a lot of play-time hours in this game.

This can be fixed by doing the simplest methods. If you are having the same problem that is listed above you can follow these methods to fix it.

Restart the Game

This is one of the first fixes that come to mind when you get these types of errors. This can fix the most extreme errors. Sometimes launching the game can not run as it was supposed to, this can be fixed by restarting the game.

You can also restart the device that you are playing on. Whether that is PS4, Mobile, PC restarting the device can be helpful in this situation.

Check Internet Connection

Fixing our internet connection can also help us in this situation. A poor internet connection can mess with the game resulting in these types of errors or connection errors. Make sure your internet connection is up and running for the game to run.

Fixing Network Issues

You can also restart your router to help in this situation. Restarting your router is going to reset the IP Address helping us launch the game properly. You can also contact your ISP and check with them if your internet servers are up and running.

Check Game Servers

If you are unable to join the game or unable to launch the game this can be a problem for the servers. These servers usually are down for maintenance and you are not able to join the game. You can wait for this one out if you have confirmed that this is a servers issue.

Genshin Impact Servers Down

To confirm if this is a server issue you can follow the game’s on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. These social media sites are constantly being updated with the latest news on servers and other stuff. Most of the time the downtime is scheduled and then you work accordingly.

Turn off VPN

People often use VPN for some stuff and then forget to turn it off. This can result in your game not loading because the country you are connected to might have this game banned you cannot access the data. VPN can do great stuff for your PC and private data, but this can also mess with your gaming.

When you want to play this game simply turn off the VPN application and then run the game. Although VPN can secure your network it can also cause instability and low download speeds. Turning it off should be beneficial for you. If not you can follow the other methods.

Launch the game from the Launcher

A lot of bugs like the game keeps on crashing, the game not connecting to the internet, can be solved by this simple trick. When you download your game from the launcher you get a shortcut on your desktop and on your taskbar which makes it easy for you to launch the game.

Genshin Impact Launcher

You don’t have to wait for the launcher to load, you can just launch the game and not worry about other stuff. This also has a downside, this can lead us to the instability of the game, and also the game cannot access the data. To prevent this you can launch the game from the launcher and check if the game launches fine.

Change the Location of the Launcher

This is one of the more weird ones. Make sure the location of the launcher isn’t the same as the location of your game. This can also result in this loss of data. People have reported that changing the location of the launcher can also help in this situation.

If you don’t know how to do this, you can simply right-click on the launcher and click on the open file location. This will lead you to the location of the file, hence the name. From here you can find the launcher and then change its location to another folder.

Make sure the game and the launcher are not in the same location.

Troubleshoot your Account

Accounts can also be a problem in this situation. As you may know, accounts can also get banned and if you try to log in using that account you cannot proceed. To make sure that this is not your PC’s fault or your account’s fault, you can log in to another device.

This game has also been released on mobile phones. You can download it on your phone and then run the application using the same account you were using on your PC. If everything checks out and there is no problem, then this might be your PC’s problem.

But if it gives you the same error, you can try a different account. This is going to make sure that our account is not the culprit here.

Contact Customer Support

One of the last options that we have left is to contact customer support. They can help us in almost every situation. You can tell them what is exactly happening to your game and most probably they will help you out in this situation. Simply go on their website and click on contact us on the bottom.

You can also ask the community as almost all the bugs are addressed there and can be solved using the methods that they used.


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