Fix: Error 0x85002012 in Windows 10 Mail App

Windows 10 Mail has become quite popular since Windows 10 was released to the general populace – not only because it’s an extremely beautiful and pragmatic app, but also because it’s possibly the most bug-ridden app that comes with Windows 10. Among the many bugs that users of Windows 10 Mail have encountered thus far is error code 0x85002012. This error code appears when the user fails to sync Windows 10 Mail with the email account that they have registered on it. Error code 0x85002012 is accompanied by an error message which essentially states that Windows 10 Mail cannot sync with the user’s email account for the time being.

The reason why error 0x85002012 is referred to as a “bug” is because, in almost all cases, it stems from an apparent bug in Windows 10 Mail. This issue prevents the application from synchronizing with the user’s email account if the inbox contains more than 99 emails. The number of emails in the other folders of the email account is irrelevant, but if the inbox exceeds 99 emails, the synchronization process fails, causing the app to display error 0x85002012. Here are two methods you can employ to eliminate error 0x85002012 and successfully sync with your email account:

Method 1: Run an SFC Scan

To eliminate damaged or corrupted system files as the cause of error 0x85002012, and just for the sake of it, you should run an SFC scan. This scan locates and repairs damaged system files before you proceed to the fix for this problem. The majority of people who have encountered this issue have found this method effective. To run an SFC scan, you can follow the steps here: (sfc /scannow).

Method 2: Reduce the number of emails in your email account’s Inbox

If running an SFC scan does not prove effective, reducing the number of emails in the inbox of the email account that fails to sync with Windows 10 Mail is one solution that is bound to work. To achieve this, you’ll need to access your email account by means other than Windows 10 Mail, for example, using an internet browser. Whether you delete emails from your account’s inbox or move them to a different folder is irrelevant; what matters is reducing the number of emails in the inbox to less than 99. Once achieved, Windows 10 Mail will be able to sync with the account and successfully deliver your entire email account to you.


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