Early OnePlus Nord Screens Suffering From Purple-Colored Screen Tint and Other Issues At Low Brightness Complain Buyers, OnePlus Responds

Within just a week of OnePlus Nord’s deliveries, a budget segment-oriented Android smartphone from OnePlus, the device has apparently started exhibiting weird tint issues. Early buyers of the premium, yet aggressively priced Android smartphone, claim the displays on the OnePlus Nord are prone to exhibiting purple tint. The problem becomes even more noticeable when the mobile device is kept at low brightness.

Whenever a new mobile device with a rather attractive price is launched, it is common to see reports and complains about glitches and weird or abnormal behavior from the same. Following the same pattern, quite a few early adopters of OnePlus Nord, the Android smartphone launched by OnePlus, have started claiming weird display behavior as well as a few other occasional issues.

OnePlus Nord Android Smartphone Suffering From Purple Tint Issue In Addition To Other Off-Axis Issues With The Colors:

Several social media platforms like Reddit as well as official OnePlus forums have been reportedly receiving multiple complaints from OnePlus Nord Android smartphone buyers. Users have been reporting a host of issues they are facing ever since they have received their pre-orders.

Quite a few users have posted images as well as videos that claim to reveal the display issues with OnePlus Nord. Apparently, the issues start showing up when the brightness goes below 25 percent. In other words, users claim they can clearly see weird tinting on the display when the brightness is lowered for clearer visibility in a dimly-lit room.

Users have mentioned that the issues become less prominent at higher brightness, and tend to disappear completely when brightness level is set to maximum. However, permanently keeping the display at 60 percent or higher brightness is not a longterm solution. Moreover, continuous higher brightness will certainly impact battery life.

OnePlus Offers Preliminary Clarification That Dismisses The Alleged Screen Tint Issues With OnePlus Nord:

It is important to note that OnePlus Android smartphones aren’t new to display issues. Even the latest, premium Android smartphone from OnePlus, the OnePlus 8 Pro, reportedly suffered from some weird display issues. The complaints, however, diminished after OnePlus issued a software update to address the issues.

In the case of the OnePlus Nord, the problems might not be addressed by a software patch. OnePlus has claimed that tinting at low brightness was “characteristic of all OLED displays,” and that the amount varied from screen to screen. “This is not a quality issue,” the company added. This may be inherent to the Nord’s panel. Simply put, OnePlus has clearly indicated that there won’t be a patch or update in the near future that could address the tinting and off-axis color issues with OnePlus Nord.

Experts appear to be agreeing with OnePlus. A few other Android smartphones with OLED displays have exhibited weird screen tint in varying degrees. Users have reported tinting on Galaxy S20 phones as well.

Some experts argue that users might be nitpicking on minor limitations in the inherent screen technology that is used commonly in modern-day mobile devices. The OnePlus Nord’s screen is ranked better, especially for its aggressive price, and it has a respectable 90Hz refresh rate as well as a quick in-display fingerprint.


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