HOW TO: Download and Play Slender: The Eight Pages

The myth of Slander started as a rumor and became an internet phenomenon. According to the story, the Slender Man is a creature describes as a tall and thin figure with a blank face, wearing a black suit. Slender Man can stretch or shorten his arms and has tentacles on his back. However, this is not all; Slender Man can cause memory loss, paranoia, coughing fits, insomnia, photographic and video distortions and can teleport at will.

The Slender game is a lightweight 3D game, downloadable from the internet. You can download Slender from this page. After the game has been download, unzip/extract it. (see instructions below)

slender - eight pages

Note: Newer versions of both Windows and Mac have built-in functionality to extract zip archive. However, you can also use third party programs to extract files from the zip archive. For Windows users, WinZip and WinRAR are two popular and feature-rich options to unzip files. For Mac users, The Unarchiver and WinZip for Mac offer great features for zipping and unzipping files and archives.

When the game starts up you will see the initial configuration window from where you can set the screen resolution and specify/view controls.

slender - eight pages1

When you are done configuring the settings, you can click Play to start. Slender is simple to play and has quite simple graphics. However, its creepy atmosphere and simplicity are major factors in the resounding success of this game. Keep playing but be wary of Slender Man, as it can suck life out of you if you ever come closer to him.


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